Thursday, August 15, 2013

Peppermint Patty anyone?

One of my favorite soaps is back on the shelves - Chocolate Ice!  I call this my peppermint patty soap! I would have named it that but I thought some people might sue me object. Made with white chocolate, dark chocolate and cocoa, along with pure peppermint essential oil, this soap refreshes me!  There will be an updated picture soon!

It's so pretty, I hate to put a label on it!

You will also find Patchouli stocked up and ready for school.  This is the soap I made for all my boys when those teen years hit and acne started popping up.  At a speaking engagement earlier this week, someone embarrassed Elijah by commenting on his beautiful skin....and they stated the obvious - "because of your mama's soaps!".

Siah's Citrus Soap is also back!  If you love citrus, you'll love this soap.  About the only thing I miss from Florida, is the huge orange tree that grew in my back yard - fresh juice EVERY MORNING!  This soap is packed with orange and tangerine essential oils and smells amazing. New picture coming soon!

And finally....Lock N' Load is back! This is the ultimate soap for Hunters!  There are oils in this soap that strip the human scent and it is loaded with essential oils, bark teas and oakmoss absolute to replace your scent with the scent of the forest.