Saturday, August 24, 2013

Three years later and he's still doing it...

Mama's of this post and I know you'll understand.

Mama's of this post and weep for joy that all of your bedrooms are painted pink.

Weak tummy? Creeped out easily?  Stop reading now.  Come back tomorrow and we'll talk about soap or baking bread and pies or homeschooling... anything but this!

Perhaps you recall my story about Mothra's baby.  You can read that here.  It has been known to cause nightmares in adults and screaming in small children (unless they are boys...if they are you should hide.their.eyes. you don't want to encourage this at your house!)

The saga continued when Mothra left the building. Perhaps you should read those stories to prepare yourself for this one.

Three years later and Elijah is STILL doing this.  Ack!!

And so we begin again...sigh...

First of all, I love my Father who created all things.  I believe everything He the time of creation, was beautiful and good!  However...this thing called "the fall" happened and it affected all of creation - not just Adam and Eve.  I look forward to the day when He restores it all - what amazing things we will see!

In the mean time....

When my son grabs a container, bends over and scoops something up from the ground all of my alarm bells go off!  Danger! Danger!  Especially when he places said container behind his back.

"So...whatcha got?"

"A caterpillar."


"It's really big."

After which he used his hand to show me how big.  I thought he was exaggerating.

Silly me.

My alarm bells increased in intensity as Elijah went to grab my camera. I may be deaf when this is over.

Can you believe this thing? Who needs Hollywood to create scary things? This is as creepy as they come!  I wonder if we still have Mothra's saddle around - doesn't matter, it wouldn't be big enough.

Of course my son isn't content to observe it...he has to play with's a picture that shows you just how big this thing is.  Elijah is about 5' 9" right now...just so you have the proper perspective...he's not a little kid anymore!

He found this around the chicken coop as he was putting the ladies away for the night.  I think it survived because it was TOO BIG TO EAT!  And he is letting it crawl all over him  ~shudder~

Did I mention that Elijah's hands are HUGE?

And yes...yes, that is his promise ring...size 11...don't ask... I have no idea.

So, do you think he wants to return it to the wild so something can gobble it up and save all humanity it can live a long and happy little life?  No.....he's decided it is about to go into it's cocoon stage and he wants to keep it so he can see it hatch out!  Making note to self to add on to my barn for what's to come.

I thought Mothra's baby was big - I just can't imagine...don't even want to.

Elijah wants me to be sure to tell y'all that he name of this monstrosity creature, once it hatches from it's cocoon is a Hyalophora Cecropia Moth (it's name is as creepy as it looks) and is often referred to as the robin moth. It just happens to be the largest moth in North America.

It eats a lot as a caterpillar but once it becomes a moth it has no mouth so it never eats. Can it get any creepier?  Because it has no mouth it only lives for 2 weeks.  I have no problem with that.  I would like it to spend it's short little life on the beach...on the west coast. Seriously.

Oh the joys of being a mama to boys.

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