Thursday, September 12, 2013

He found another one...

So...Elijah was mowing the lawn and as he went under the apple tree he brushed a branch and this little guy fell on him. He is a Saddleback Caterpillar.  I've not seen one of these here before.

He's not as friendly as the ginormous caterpillar that is living under my carport in a cocoon right now.

Elijah began to feel something burning and looked down.  Did he fling him wildly off of his arm like I would have? No, he captured him and brought him in.

However this little guy left a trail on Elijah's arm....

Here's a close up....

Notice the red discoloration and the white bumps.  This guy is covered in stingers - he moves sort of like a slug, and his bottom side is also covered with stingers around the edge.

But Elijah knows his herbs...and he knew exactly what to do...

Join me next time as we talk about the power of plantain!


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