Friday, September 20, 2013

The Epic Battle of the Mice!

When I say epic I'm not fooling around!  We have had a month long battle with the critters.  AND THEY WERE IN MY KITCHEN!

Deep breath....

When I first started seeing their poop "deposits" I began laying out traps.  Every once in awhile we'd catch one.

However, when you are sitting on the living room floor working on a project, look up and see one sitting there WATCHING know you are in trouble!

I have a problem with probably stems from the time that one of them ran straight at me and UP MY LEG!  I believe my conniption fit at that time flung the little furry beastie into the far ends of the earth.  I can still see those beady eyes headed straight for my face. Since then...if one is about...I get on a chair. I may or may not scream.  Loudly.

Yes.  I am that person.

I tried everything.  I did find that a lays potato chip bag is the BEST mouse bait.  Open it (or in my case the little darlings did that for me) and slide a mousetrap in there.  I believe we caught 3 or 4 that way. Evidently, mice like potato chips so much they are willing to risk trying to get over the trap.

Then I read about shock and awe.  Essentially cover the area wall to wall with traps.

I had Josiah go over the pantry and kitchen and make sure all holes were sealed.  We found a few - one with an active nest, and sealed everything with that wonderful "foam in a can".  Then we had to do battle with the ones who had already invaded my home. I put down enough mousetraps that it was dangerous to be in my home.  We had to tip toe carefully through the laundry room!

We caught 12 in one day!  TWELVE! Ugh!  It was reminiscent of the firecrackers on Fourth of July!. However, we saw one running for the hills...or in this case the pantry in the laundry room.  It took about a week but we got that one too.

I haven't seen any evidence since then. is about that time to mow the fields for the winter.  Last hay cuttings are beginning and that always drives the mice into homes.  Then I got this fabulous email from my friend Marci.  She has invented the CUTEST mouse repellent.  You can bet I am placing an order for these guys and will place them around our home.

She stuffs them with wool from her sheep and dried peppermint leaves and then adds a "dollop of peppermint essential oil".  What a great idea!  If I had known that peppermint essential oil repelled mice I'd have washed the floors with it!  This is a much better idea and probably easier on the eyes!

I'm not an affiliate and don't make a dime off of this but when I see an amazing idea I like to share it with y'all!

I'm hoping that when my army of friendly mice arrive they'll take care of the bad guys. house is going to smell amazing!


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