Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Red sky in morning...

Remember that old saying? 

Red sky in morning, sailor take warning
Red sky at night, sailor's delight

Last week, I woke to a sky glowing with red at sunrise.  It was a magnificent display by our Father! And that old saying popped right into my mind.

I checked the weather and sure enough, rain was headed our way and it was bringing with it a cold front.

We've spent some time this last week winterizing the farm.  It is a bit early and certainly wasn't what we had planned but it needed to be done.  We put some other things on the back burner and got busy. Normally this is a November job here in east TN! 

We've closed up the greenhouse, dropped the sides for the last time, taken down the fan and plugged the hole with the plastic wrapped frame that goes there.  We have some weeds to take care of and she will be ready for spring!  Pots are washed and stacked for next year. It will be a spring oasis for me in February next year!

Bees now have their bottom board - helps them to keep warm and keeps cold drafts out.  Still need to do a few things in the hive but it was too cold for that at the time.  Josiah will work on that next time he is home on a warmer day!

The dog houses have come out from storage in the barn and are placed strategically to avoid wind this winter.  I don't know why our dogs don't like their dog houses - especially in the bitter cold.  Seems they would rather brave the cold weather than take cover in their houses or in the barn. 

Cats....not so much!  They head for the barn at the least little chill wind.

Two steers will be headed to the butcher shortly so we don't have to feed them through the winter.  A double blessing!

We spent some time getting the chicken house ready for winter winds.  The tarps have been lowered and zip tied to the frame.  Holes have been patched and a heat lamp hung near the roosts.  It makes quite a cozy home for the ladies.  Egg production is already gaining again.  Light has a lot to do with egg production but so does cold weather.  Too much energy keeping warm equals not enough energy for egg production!

Josiah made our chicken house for less than $100...and you can too!  It was built over a weekend and is based on a plan from a farmer friend we visited in Kentucky a few years ago.  Are you interested in a "how to" post?  Just let me know and I'll dig out the pictures!

The weather didn't cooperate last week for pictures of my new "big" surprise but the sun is shining again so look for that this week.

I'm thinking of changing my e-commerce site.  If you have one you love, please leave the name in the comments and let me know what you like!

Good thing we got busy last week...this morning there was ice on my windshield.  I.C.E. people!  In October!?!  Time to light a fire in the fireplace! 

Are you ready for winter?


  1. Yes, please share about your chicken house. Thanks!

  2. I'm a little late to the message, but would also love to hear/see about your chicken house if you have the time! It would be a blessing ;)


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