Monday, November 25, 2013

Cattle Panel Chicken Coop - Part 2

The Tour!

Here is our completely wrapped chicken coop!
 The door is open...come on in! Notice the gap in tarps around the door.  As the weather has gotten colder, we have added a long tarp to keep the chill winds out.

This is the back wall of the coop.  The boys hung the nesting boxes in the middle. 

During cold weather we have two heat lamps that go on when we shut the girls in for the night at sunset. They are turned off just after dawn. They help keep the hens warm while helping to prevent their water from freezing!
Notice our 5 gallon bucket?

This  probably used to hold wheat or oats.  Now it is one of the components that keep the hen's water clean!  This is one of my favorite parts!  No more cleaning out nasty chicken waterers filled with poop!
 It sits on a board....
Josiah ran a short length of hose to another PVC pipe that had these...poultry watering nipples!  These are the other component to a continual supply of clean water! No more cleaning out poopy water! Can you tell that was not one of my favorite jobs?
Hens quickly learn to peck at them and when they do they get a drink!  Here Elijah has just pushed it so you can see the water beginning to come out.  It takes a few days for hens to convert so be sure to leave another supply of water until they get the hang of this.  Once they gets easier! You have a 5 gallon supply of clean drinking water - easy peasy!

They are easy to put into an inexpensive PVC pipe but if you would rather get it "finished" you can find it here!

Our feeder hangs below the nesting boxes.  We put it high enough that there isn't room for the girls to roost on it. We used a length of leftover PVC pipe - and it can be accessed from both sides.  When the weather is too nasty to go out, the girls still have fresh grass in their coop and a clean feeder for grain.

Add some lengths of pipe or branches for roosting and your house is complete!

I do believe I see some eggs in those boxes!

What does your chicken coop look like?


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  1. you have good pictures and some good advice! we are building our first coop. thanks!


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