Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Flu & Cold Protection!

Many years ago, I was struggling with bronchitis and other respiratory and sinus issues.  My dear friend Donna poured off a small jar of her "terrible" tincture.  I took several tablespoons a day and it knocked that nasty stuff right out!  It worked better than the antibiotics I had tried.  It worked better than the sinus medications I had tried.  It just worked.

When I started making it for myself, I tweaked it a bit and thought I'd share it with you in the hopes that it helps your family as much as it has helped mine. I'm also sharing some links from my affiliate partners in case you have a hard time finding any of this locally.

What you will need:

Organic Horseradish root
Organic Ginger root
Organic Garlic
Organic Cayenne peppers
Organic Onions
Bragg's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

It is very important to use organic products!  Why add more chemicals, pesticides or a GMO to a body you are trying to heal?

Donna's recipe was to take equal parts of the horseradish, ginger, garlic, cayenne and onions, chop them and cover with Bragg's.

I doubled the amount of garlic and cayenne because I have learned through the years that those have a powerful impact on my own family.  I used one cup chopped of the horseradish, ginger, and onions and 2 cups chopped of the garlic and cayenne.

I used my  mini food processor to chop everything but the horseradish. 

One cup of organic onions chopped and added to a half-gallon canning jar.  

These jars are my favorite size!  I have used them for everything..... the milk from our Jersey (so easy to sweep the cream off the top!),  Southern Syrup (commonly known as sweet tea!), storing dry goods (flour, sugar, pasta), making salad dressings for a crowd and more!  

Remember...we live on a farm and mice are a part of country life, especially when fields are being hayed, mowed or cultivated.  I try to keep my pantry as uninviting to mice as possible which means I try to keep everything in glass.  My hope is that if they find a way in they won't be tempted to stay for the food.  By the way, I have found that the best way to catch mice is to tuck a trap into an opened bag of Lays potato chips....works every time!

I also use these jars to make this tincture and my Jewelweed tincture. These two tinctures I always make in large quantities.

 Here I am working on 2 cups of garlic...

2 cups of cayenne peppers

The horseradish root is a bit much for my little chopper - it takes my large food processor.  I used to have a Kitchen Aid but it had a poor design and it was easy for liquid to leak out around the rim.  I passed that one on and have been very happy with my Cuisinart! It is the second most important kitchen tool I have!

First I peeled the horseradish root...

It was a bit much for the carrot peeler I used on the ginger root...so I used a paring knife.

Then I chopped the root into medium size pieces and dropped then in the food processor with the steel blade.  I let it run till the horseradish root was shredded. Be prepared when you open the lid after processing!  It will definitely make your eyes water and open your sinuses!
I continued to add each item to the canning jars until they were 3/4 full.  Then I covered them with the Bragg's!  Bragg's contributes much to the health benefits of this tincture - not any old apple cider will do! 

I've allowed them to sit for about 6 weeks now but 4 would have been plenty.  I will strain them off next weekend by pouring it into a stainless steel bowl through a strainer lined with butter muslin. Please don't use aluminum!

When we've been exposed to illness we use it as a preventative....just 1 or 2 tablespoons a day. But when we are sick, we take several tablespoons at a time throughout the day.  Some of my clan like the taste - and some don't.  I like it - it reminds me of dill pickles.

Do you have a favorite recipe that you use to keep your family healthy?  Would you consider sharing it with the rest of us?

Praying our Father blesses your family with good health all winter long!

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  1. Our favorite immune booster / sickness prevention is fermented cod liver oil. I have a hard time getting it into my toddler (he has some oral sensory issues, but we're working on it... delving into the GAPS diet soon!), but my ten-month-old and I take it daily. Or at least we try to. When mama remembers. ;)



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