Friday, November 29, 2013

The day after....

It was late last night by the time everyone left.  We had our traditional Thanksgiving meal.  Turkey with southern cornbread stuffing (the best stuffing EVER!), sweet potato souffle, garlic green beans (to die for!), corn, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry relish, homemade dinner rolls served with sorghum butter (my daughter is amazing!), apple butter and several home made freezer jams.    

Then there were the desserts.  Pumpkin cheesecake with salted caramel & pecans, raspberry-white chocolate cheesecake, pecan pie, pound cake, pumpkin pie, butterscotch pie, french silk pie, strawberry pie (fresh, not cooked!) and a variety of cookies...all made from scratch!

Having married children makes holidays more fun!  There are many more at my table and everyone helps to cook the meal...gone are the days when I did it all myself.  Because of all the help, I enjoyed it so much more.  Having recipes that can be cooked or prepped days in advance doesn't hurt either.

After our meal, we relaxed and spent several hours just enjoying each other.  It was loud, happy, and full of fun.  My grandson kept us all entertained.  I love my crazy family! I am so thankful to my Father for my family, they are the greatest gift I've ever been given. 

Then we turned to games.  We gathered around the table and played games until bedtime - way too much fun!  Today will be an easy day - lots of leftovers so I won't be cooking, and we will enjoy the time left with family before they return home this weekend.

I hope your day was filled with family and fun as well. 

 Relax and enjoy!

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