Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Quite the shopper!

Well, last night I was quite the shopper!  And if you know me at all, you know that I hate, h.a.t.e, hate shopping!  And I'm not alone!

On Sunday, one of our elders nominated one of my daughters to organize some shopping for kids - 20 kids that needed clothes and gifts.  Our body was encouraged to sign up to shop - the church was paying for the items but we needed help to get the shopping done.  Since I didn't see a crowd mowing down my daughter to sign up, I told her I'd help....as did my elder's wife and then my sons ended up helping too. Funny thing...none of us enjoy shopping.

Five people shopped.  We spent five hours in Wally world.  FIVE HOURS!  Four hours shopping and one hour just checking out!  Clothes, shoes, socks and, yes, sheets. When the paper says "desperate for bedding" for a 9 year old boy, how could you say no to sheets? Awesome sheets.  Sheets any 9 year old boy would love. 

Yes, I shopped for boys.  I can do that...been doing that for over 30 years now.  If I'd have gotten the names of girls, I might still be there trying to figure it out! 

We had a budget.  We were 5 people shopping independently with a budget for each child that would keep us on track for how much we could spend in total.  How did we do?  We were 59 cents UNDER budget when the grand total rang up!  We impressed ourselves.

We impressed Walmart...not the part about the budget... but with the amount we spent.  We suggested the cashier should win a prize of some sort for the largest sale of the day. 

She's not holding her breath.

We all decided that we do not want to shop again for awhile...June perhaps?

Although we don't enjoy shopping, we enjoyed what we did for these kids.  Knowing what it will mean to these children to get a coat and gloves, underwear, clothes, socks and shoes and a gift or two made the time worthwhile.  AND, I was with people I truly love. 

It was a good evening.

It's a busy week for us here on the farm. We are working on a large project at home and are also volunteering at several places this week.

But we haven't forgotten!  We are trying hard to narrow the peppermint names down today but haven't decided quite yet.  If we can pick a peppermint name today, the post will be up a bit later! 



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