Sunday, February 23, 2014

Frogs and Willow Trees

This has been the coldest winter we've had since moving here 15 years ago. One night it was -30 with the wind chill. The air made my skin hurt.  We've had lots of snow - and two storms that covered our farm with at least 6 inches of snow each time.  Nothing compared to y'all up north but quite  different for us here in the south!

However, towards the end of last week I stepped outside one evening to enjoy the stars.  There are not many lights out here in the country so sometimes it looks like the stars could be plucked from the sky. And then I heard it.....down in the far field.....frogs!  When the frogs begin to sing again, spring is in the air!  I love the song they sing and always wonder if it isn't praise to our Father!  I'd love to hear the translation but I'm just sure they are singing about His glory.

The next sign I'll be watching for is the "greening" of our willow tree by the pond.  It happens quickly.  Brown in the morning and tinges of green in the evening.  I expect it soon.  Then the peach trees will begin to blossom - usually too soon because we almost always have another frost that kills the buds.

At about the same time the willow tree begins to turn green, mint will spring up everywhere!  Come April, it will be time to start cutting and drying it.  I love mint in my tea, mint to season our food with and making ice cold "mint tea" for hot summer days!

In honor of spring, I'm putting all of our "mint" soaps on sale this week! Refreshing Rosemary & Mint Shampoo, my'll want to taste it (but don't!) Chocolate Ice, my germ busting Peppermint Tea Tree,  my best selling soap and personal favorite  Remy's Rosemary & Mint, and that scent from the past... Double Mint.  Save 20% on my "mint collection" starting now and ending at Friday at noon!

Hope spring is in the air at your home!

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