Monday, August 13, 2007

Remember to pray!

Please remember to pray for KSMilkmaid today, and for her children.  She will be in court and this will be a difficult and stressful time.  Pray for peace, that her words would be what God would give her and not her own and that truth would prevail.


Thursday, August 9, 2007

How high wind (and other silly things) delight little boys...

We had an awful storm here a week ago. I came close to taking the boys to my Mom's basement....but then we'd have to go out into the storm to get there :) I think it was the worse storm we've ever had here. The wind was unbelievable! We lost several large limbs from the trees near the house. This is always a good thing for Elijah. Anything to do with birds delights him and he loves to go over the limbs that come down looking for bird nests. He collects the nests. He has quite a collection. His brothers have even pulled them out of small trees at local shopping centers for him. Elijah's intense interest in birds has lasted for about 6 months now. He is even teaching himself bird calls. We were in a busy city recently and he stopped on the sidewalk and asked me to listen.....I heard traffic. He told me that he heard the call of a cardinal - his favorite bird. I listened again and heard it! It took a minute but we found him sitting on top of a building nearby. My nine-year old really impressed me that day! the middle of this terrible storm, as we were looking out the sliding glass doors, we saw the basketball goal blow over. Now this thing is really heavy but it went down as if it weighed nothing. It looked as if it had just missed my oldest son's car and my truck.

However, the next day, we noticed this green stain on the side of my truck. I wondered what had blown all over the door...and when I checked I saw that the side mirror was shattered and the door had little dents and scrapes all over it. It appeared that the basketball goal had hit the mirror, bounced off and scraped the door on the way to the ground. The green stuff was evidently something in the mirror to prevent it from fogging up.

I called the insurance company and they took care of everything. My truck landed in the shop on Monday of this week and we were given a rental car. My nine year old is is WAY past delighted! He is asking, at various times of the day and night, if he can go spend time with the car! Evidently we don't get out enough!

The car is a Dodge Grand Caravan. Very Nice. Everything is operated by computers....even the doors. This is the most delightful part to Elijah...he can push a button and the back sliding door opens by itself. I, however, am more practical..can you imagine what it would cost to replace that door?

Elijah is also delighted with the push button key ring. He can actually open the side door before he gets to the car....and the lights are cool.....and the doors lock automatically when you start driving....and there is storage in the floor of the car.....and he has his own reading lamp (the fact that if he reads in the car it causes him to vomit repeatedly doesn't seem to come into play here for some reason!)....and it tells you the time, temperature and direction...and you can control the radio/tape player/CD player from the steering wheel...and so on and so on! Elijah would like to buy this car...the thought that it probably costs close to the price of a small house isn't a factor to him :)

The insurance agent told me that a regular side view mirror for my truck would have run a hundred bucks. However, since mine is "fancy" it would cost over $600 new. This is nuts! Fortunately, for them, he found a used one for $325. This has sparked a lot of conversations with my boys about the advantages of plain and simple vs. fancy and fun. I believe that we have all come to the conclusion that although fancy we would choose plain and simple first. And this discussion went way beyond vehicles for transportation! We found that it applied to many areas of life!

And another thing.... I spent last weekend pressure washing! I cleaned the outside (and inside) of two old frigs . They had been stored outside and were in awful shape! One came from someone in my family and one came from a dear friend. One frig went into the garden shop for future use and one went into my laundry room to help hold milk, cheese and produce waiting to be canned! I am SO thankful for the extra storage.

I also pressure washed our beehives - they were in sad shape. When I did this, Elijah noticed that it left white marks on our driveway. I had to explain to him that these were the clean places. He has decided that pressure washing is a fun and delightful thing. He wants to help his brother pressure wash our driveway. I plan on taking full advantage of this and let him pressure wash if he keeps a good attitude....wonder how long he will enjoy it?

Oh, the blessings of delight directed studies.....
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