Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Riddle

I have a box of dreams....
It holds hundreds of plans for the future.
Although the past proves it never turns out exactly as I wanted it too,
I still hope it will...and so do you.

It holds deep failures.
It holds wild successes.

What is in my box of dreams?


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

His Endless Gifts!

This last week has laid my family low with sickness.  I'm sure the "spring one day and winter the next" weather we've had hasn't helped. It's been a long while since we've felt this bad and towards the end of the week, I finally succumbed.  Yet, in all the mess, He has been faithful to love us, to heal us and to show His mercy on us. He does not leave us to ourselves....

#1016 -  #1035

tissues with lotion - so soothing to our noses

elderberry cough syrup

soothing honey toast

showers full of steam

peppermint baths

garlic, garlic, garlic - a wonderful antibiotic

eucalyptus in the humidifier

prescription antibiotics - His provision in another way

hot strawberry jam filling the nooks & crannies of english muffins

naps, naps and more naps

reading together

colloidal silver

osha & olive leaf tinctures given by a friend

washers & dryers

cinnamon toast

mama running errands for us

quiet board games together

an occasional glimpse of sunshine in the midst of  rainy days

prayers by friends and family

boys taking tender care of mom

As I watch my Father's provision for my family in times of sickness, He leaves me breathless...

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