Friday, June 27, 2014

Sale ends soon!

Quick reminder...the sale ends at noon today! Orders placed by noon will be shipped out today!

On Monday, I'll be releasing another salve in the larger size!  Check back to see which one!

Today, I'm spending time with my niece who is visiting and processing squash and zucchini. I've given lots away and am still over run.  My niece tried southern fried squash last night for the first time.  She had never had squash before and absolutely loved it! We do to!

Monday I'll be making soap and trying a new one. Lemon!  I'll take pictures and let you know how it turns out!

May your weekend be filled with family, love and memories in the making!


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Back with a Bang!

It's been certainly gets in the way of blogging at times!  It was an unusual spring.  We saw several babies born, many couples marry, and sadly saw many friends' parents pass away. My mama took a nasty fall and is still recovering. Our fellowship suffered an unusual loss when a young teenager murdered his parent.  It's been months of roller coaster emotions!

Happily, these last few weeks, life seems to have settled down to a more normal pace. However, I have not been idle as you will see in a moment!

We've had some happy news too....Josiah is getting married in September to a young lady we have known and loved for over 7 years now!  Last summer Jeremy married and added a lovely daughter to our family.  Our farm is getting quieter and quieter as the boys marry!  Unless my grandson is visiting!  He will be 2 this summer and is one of the smartest little ones I've met. I love spending time with him!

Our family has many birthdays in the summer so we are gathering together often.  We are getting to be quite a crowd! We just had our annual pontoon trip on a local lake.  The perfect day!  The weather was glorious, the water was perfect and we all enjoyed spending time together lazing in the lake and chatting.  I think we may need to do that again!

We are re-claiming our garden, one bed at a time.  I had two little foster boys with special needs for a year and a half. During that time the garden turned into a garden of weeds!  Help!  I need a natural remedy for Bermuda grass! Josiah is building our beds and Elijah and I are filling them and maintaining them. It is slow going but will be so worth it when I pick our first red ripe tomato!  The squash has been nice and the basil is yummy but I'm waiting for the tomatoes!

I've already put up 32 pints of strawberry jam this year.  Half regular and half hot (my favorite!) Green beans will be next...the vines are at the top of their trellis and I expect to see blooms before long.  The pepper bed is full of blooms so peppers won't be far behind!

We had a late freeze this year so I don't think we will get much fruit from our orchard.  The trees have grown like crazy but we had snow in APRIL!  Lots of it, and it nipped our blooms. Sigh....and I'm almost out of my applesauce!

I'm in the process of changing the names of some of my soaps. Don't worry, my soaps won't be changing...just the names.  I'll be able to share the reason for that soon I hope!

To celebrate my return to blogging with a bang....

1. You will now find Arnica Salve in a new larger container!  The picture will be added as soon as our weather cooperates! I've put this new large Arnica Salve on sale until Friday at noon - 20% off!

2. I'm putting my ebook Herbal Medicine Made Simple - The Art of Herbal Medicine from a Christian Perspective! on sale at 40% off until Friday at noon! Only $12.00!

3. I'm putting my ebook  Soapmaking Made Simple on sale...also at 40% off until noon on Friday!  Only $12.00!

4. Since summer has finally arrived, and summer makes me think of fresh juice, lemonade, limeade....I'm putting all of my citrus soaps on sale at 20% off! This includes: Citrus Sensation Gourmet Shampoo Bar, Tangerine Moisturizer, Siah's Citrus Delight, Lijah's Lemon-Lime, and Kitchen Citrus Bliss!  If you love my citrus soaps, now is the time to stock up because this sale will also end at noon on Friday!

I hope that was a big enough bang! How are your gardens growing?

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