Monday, February 28, 2011

His Endless Gifts....

In this time of imposed quiet, I have been blessed to slow and see Him more.  To see is to give thanks and worship,  to worship Him with thankfulness. This accident has given me time...time to create....time to work on "work" (so hard for a busy mama to do) time to catch up on quiet projects and in this time...I see the healing process begin....

Counting in the quiet...

#506 - #522

Time has allowed the swelling to settle down - it is almost gone! 

Time has allowed the bruising to begin to fade....

Time to organize new recipes...all done!

 Time to create many new recipes...

Time to sort seeds for spring planting and sharing with friends

Time to finish garden planning

Time to begin putting a wee bit of weight on my foot using these - slow but sure!

Time to work on my website and to add new things!

Time to savor the joy of a son playing worship for our community before a local  ballet performance..

Time to work on planting schedule for  greenhouse 

Time for school classes and study

Time for family and friends.....

Time to finally listen to that teaching tape(s)!

Time to start a new study I've been longing to get to!

Time to read Ann's book! So moving.....

Time to pray more fervently for family and friends.

Time to listen to Him speak quietly to my heart.

Won't you quiet with me and worship the King with gratitude?  He is your source, He is your healer, He is your provider...He never fails...He never forsakes....

He leaves me breathless.....

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thank you...

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Healthy Choices at the Grocery Store - Part 2

You can read Part 1 here.  This time I want to share with you some of the additives that I avoid at the grocery store. How do I do this? If one of these things are listed on the label, I try very hard not to purchase that item.  We aren't 100% there yet but we are very close!

My list ended up a little longer than I thought when I wrote Part 1.  Here are my "Dirty 13"!

1.  Sodium Nitrite/Sodium Nitrate - this is a preservative used for coloring and flavoring in meats (bacon, ham, hot dogs, luncheon meats and other processed meats). It has been linked to the formation of cancer-causing chemicals called nitrosamines. Some companies are now coming out with meats that are nitrite free.

2. GMOs - if it has the possibility of having GMOs it's out - this means no sodas, no soy, no pre-processed or pre-prepared foods and no high fructose corn syrup.  You can read more about GMOs here and here.  This list will continue to grow as they add more and more GMO products to our store shelves.

3.  High Fructose Corn Syrup - is made with corn that has most often been genetically modified.  See #2.

4. Aspartame - this is an artificial sweetener found in everything!  For an eye-opening read, do some research on how this dangerous chemical was approved in our food supply.  Studies have shown it to cause brain tumors in rats and it also increases the possibility of lymphomas and leukemia.  It is linked to memory problems and can actually cause weight gain among other things. (sort of defeats the purpose of a "diet" anything!) The damage it can do to the human body is amazing...I encourage you to do your own research before you have another diet-anything! I recommend a book called Sweet Deception.

5. Acesulfame-K - another artificial sweetener.  You will find this in gum, baked goods, soft drinks and more!  Studies have not proven the safety of this chemical however, studies have linked it to cancer.  When Acesulfame-K breaks down it becomes acetoacetamide, which has been found to negatively affect  thyroid function in rats, dogs and rabbits.

* A note about artificial sweeteners - there isn't a good one!  It is far safer to eat white sugar...and we know how bad white sugar is for you!  Instead, may I suggest Stevia - a wonderful herb, completely safe and 100 times sweeter than sugar!

6.  Monosodium Glutamate - also known as MSG - this is used as a flavor enhancer in many pre-packaged and canned foods such as soup, salad dressings, chips of all kinds, deli meats and more. A neurosurgeon, Dr. Blaylock, cites a link between sudden cardiac death and excitotoxic damage caused by food additives like MSG.  It can cause different reactions in different people.  One of my sons suffers from terrible migraines if he accidentally ingests MSG. Other noted side effects include nausea and vomitting - which my son also experiences.  MSG can appear on labels under different names.  Check out this article if you'd like to avoid all MSG.  If you want to learn more about Excitotoxins, I recommend this book by Dr. Blaylock - a must read for Moms.

7. Propyl Gallate - another preservative!  This is used to prevent fats/oils from spoiling and may be another cancer causing agent.  You'll find it in gum, meat products, vegetable oils, snacks, soup bases and more. It is often used with BHA and BHT.

8.  BHA & BHT - Short initials for long names - Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) are used for the same reasons Propyl gallate is keep fats and oils from going rancid.  You'll find this in many food products...cereal, oils, gum, chips and more.  This has also been found to cause cancer in rats.  Not all manufacturers use this so check the labels and be willing to switch brands.

9. Olestra - this is a fat substitute (synthetic fat) and is also found under the name Olean.  It is found in most crackers and chips. It is not absorbed by the body (just goes through it) so it can cause diarrhea, flatulence, abdominal cramps, loose stools and more.  Most importantly, olestra reduces your body's ability to absorb beneficial fat-soluble nutrients such as lycopene, lutein and beta-carotene.

10. Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil/Trans Fats - The process used to make hydrogenated vegetable oil creates trans fats (trans-fatty acids) which promote heart disease and diabetes.  You should avoid trans fats as much as possible. Trans fats raise your "bad" (LDL) cholesterol and lowers your "good" (HDL) cholesterol which increases your risk of heart disease.  The more you cook from scratch, the easier this becomes.  In the store you will find this in margarine (buy butter - it's good for you!), vegetable shortening, baked goods of all kinds, doughnuts, french fries, breads, salad dressings, crackers and more!  It increases the shelf life of foods (important for grocery stores!). Be aware that labeling laws state that if a food has less than 0.5 grams of trans fat per serving, they can label it as trans-fat free.  In many cases, the serving size of these foods is ridiculously low - you will end up eating more than the label lists therefor getting a dose of trans fats without realizing it!

11. Potassium bromate - this is used in breads and rolls to produce a fine crumb structure and to increase the volume.  Bromate has been banned throughout the world, except for the United States and Japan.  This has been shown to cause cancer in animals.

12. Food Coloring - Blue1, Blue2, Red3, Yellow6.  Blue 1 is used to color candy, drinks and baked goods and may cause cancer.  Blue 2 is found in candy, drinks and pet food - and has caused brain tumors in mice! Red3 is used in cherries, candy and baked goods.  It causes thyroid tumors in rats and may be linked to those type of tumors in humans. Yellow6 is found in baked goods, sausages, candy and even gelatin.  It has been found to cause adrenal gland and kidney tumors and contains small amounts of many carcinogens.

13.  Sodium chloride - also known as table salt.  Don't let the little girl with the umbrella fool you - this is nasty stuff! Salt is used world wide in the manufacture of varnish, plastics, laundry detergents and more!  Chemical processes require pure sodium chloride so all of the essential minerals and trace elements are removed from natural salt - they are considered impurities when salt is used for industrial purposes. What is left over is used to preserve foods and this nutrient-deficient salt leaves us craving...salt!  Choose natural salt instead! It contains 84 elements that are vital to life...such as hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, sodium magnesium, silicum, chloride, calcium, titanium, chromium, manganese, iron, copper, zinc, selenium, zirconium, silver, iodine, platinum, and more! Did you know that your body sees sodium chloride as an unnatural substance and tries to eliminate it? It surrounds it with water molecules in order to break it down into sodium and chloride...resulting in...water retention (edema)! If there is more sodium chloride in your body than it can neutralize by pulling water out of your cells, then the body gets rid of the excess by binding it with uric acid to form new crystals.  These are then deposited directly in the bones and joints and are known as arthritis, gout, kidney stones and gall bladder stones! Natural salt is available even at the big box grocery stores - it's affordable, and delicious.  You will find that you need to use less natural salt than sodium chloride (and will crave it less) because it is full of the nutrients your body is seeking.  A little goes a long way!

I hope this helps you as you try to provide wholesome and healthy food for yourself and your family! Let me know if I've missed something!


Monday, February 21, 2011

His Endless Gifts....

In this time of imposed quiet, I have been blessed to slow and see Him more.  To see is to give thanks and worship,  to worship Him with thankfulness. 

Counting in the quiet....

#486 - #505

bird songs at sunrise

frogs singing at the pond after nightfall - finally again

a pocket of spring

classes with friends

worship with family

communion - the blessed table

studying Torah

Ann's book - what a blessing

shower chairs

my very own love seat

the shelter found under His wings



new dirt

gentle rains

winds that blow hard

a love crazed pup

icy raspberries from summer

xerox machines

Won't you quiet with me and worship the King with gratitude?  He is your source, He is your healer, He is your provider...He never fails...He never forsakes....

He leaves me breathless.....

Sunday, February 20, 2011

His name is Yahweh!

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Seeing with His eyes..

When we slow....we can see through His eyes...

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(ht to kristen!)


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

And the winner is....

Have y'all noticed that many of your name suggestions evoke thoughts of food?  Reading all of your suggestions over the last few days has made me hungry!

If you recall, I was looking for a name for this beautiful new soap - scented with orange essential oil and swirled with  cinnamon....

And the winner is....Allison with her suggestion of Cinnamon Citrus Swirl!

Allison, please email me with your choice of another soap and your address and I'll get both soaps right out to you! Thank you so much - I LOVE the name!

I'll try to get this soap up on my website in the next day or so. If you take a peek over there, you will see a new page going up - been working on some new products and hope to have the page finished in the next couple of days!  

Thank you all so much for participating in the contest. I have many new soaps planned but need to be able to get out of this chair to make them a reality.  Once done, there will be more contests to come!


Monday, February 14, 2011

His Endless Gifts

In this time of imposed quiet, I have been blessed to slow and see Him more.  To see is to give thanks and worship,  to worship Him with thankfulness. In the last two weeks, I haven't been able to wash a dish, cook a meal, do laundry or housework.  This is so hard...I have has slowed.  But...oh, to be still more often!  

Counting in the quiet....

#447 -  485

open windows

soft breezes moving lace curtains

geese on the pond

fluffy black kittens

stars on a black velvet night

swelling going down

cows calling soft

wedding pictures in frames

tree branches whispering

freshly painted walls

heating pads

window spilling warm sunshine

carrot cake from a friend

friends checking on us

a surprise visit from Julie

cottontail in the yard

a boy who loves His creation....and brings it all in the house!


old movies

bruises getting smaller

candles with scent

boys who can cook

night lights

cold glasses of water

down pillows

fuzzy socks

essential oils

a caring cardiologist

broccoli chicken casserole

harvey the 6 foot rabbit

pillows for propping

parking close

strawberry freezer taste of summer!


recipe books

paperwork dwindling

cotton blankets

library books

soft cushion for my chair-on-wheels

Won't you quiet with me and worship the King with gratitude?  He is your source, He is your healer, He is your provider...He never fails...He never forsakes....

He leaves me breathless.....

Sunday, February 13, 2011

It Is Well!

Worshipping today!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Healthy Choices at the Grocery Store - Part 1

I thought I'd share 10 tips on how to make your trips to the grocery store a little healthier.  These are some of the things I do or try to do each trip.  I have a very limited budget for food so I have had to learn to be very careful - and I'm a picky shopper.  We read a lot of you well know!

1.  I'm sure most of you know that you should shop the perimeter of your grocery store.  The real food is usually not found in the aisles, although you still need to be careful with what you find along the perimeter.

2.   Ask yourself if this product contains GMOs?  Y'all know about the dangers of GMOs right? You can read more here and here.  If it has soy, you can pretty much be assured it has GMOs - you can't find a soybean seed in the USA that is guaranteed to be GMO free - thanks to those wonderful people at Monsanto. If it is "beet" sugar instead of "cane"sugar - GMOs.  You even have to be careful of corn now.  High fructose corn syrup is SO bad for your body and is most likely contaminated with GMOs.  One reason to avoid sodas.  If I even think it has been contaminated by GMOs, I don't buy it.  This is one reason we grow a large garden each year and can, freeze and dehydrate the fruit of our labors.  We use heirloom varieties that I know are safe.

3.  If you are purchasing produce or fruit, was it grown in the USA?  There are enough horrible chemicals allowed in US food production but in other is much worse.  I've never understood why a chemical that is banned in the US can be used by a large corporation in another country and then that food is allowed to be imported into the US.  This reminds me of a story my Grandma used to tell about horses and locking the barn.  If the fruit or produce came from another country, it doesn't go into my cart.

4.   Is it organic?  I grow organically and try very hard to only purchase organic produce and fruits.  They cost a little more but I believe that we make that cost up by not having to visit the doctor quite so much, being healthier and feeling good. Grocery stores are waking up to the fact that there is a demand for organic food. So are farmer's markets. Ten years ago, I was the only person selling organic produce at our farmer's market.  Now, there are more organic farmers than those growing with chemicals.

5.   Let's talk about meat.  I want my meat to be antibiotic and hormone free.  I also want it to be raised in a grassy field (free-ranged) as our Father designed instead of in a cattle lot or factory.  I prefer grass fed beef - so much healthier and safer.  I don't buy any beef - haven't in over 10 years - because we raise our own.  We also raise and butcher chickens each year but we do purchase chicken also.  I want that chicken to have been free-ranged and not treated with growth hormones, antibiotics or injected with a 15% solution of anything! I only purchase when there is a good sale and then I buy in quantity and put it in the freezer.  I don't purchase between sales.  If we run out, then we don't eat chicken.

6.  Was it grown or raised locally? I'd much rather buy from a local farmer than a faceless corporate entity!  I want to support small farms.  If I don't, and if you don't, pretty soon our food supply will be completely in the hands of corporations.  I like to be able to visit the farm, see the condition the animals are raised in, or see how the produce and fruit has been grown.  I know who I can trust at my local farmer's market and who to avoid.  If you visit there often, and I hope you do, you'll learn also.

7.  We eat seasonally.  It saves a lot of money, is good for our bodies and usually eliminates the need to buy produce from other countries such as tomatoes from Mexico in February.  Or watermelons from Central American in January.  You get the picture.

8.  How was it preserved...or processed?  If it has been irradiated, microwaved or is chock full of chemicals it doesn't go home with me. You know as well as I do that they can't keep meat, fruit, and other perishable items on shelves in a non-refrigerated portion of the store without using some of those methods.  Not for my family!

9.  Avoid convenience foods, they are expensive! Why buy a "box" of dehydrated "mashed potatoes" when you can buy 5 pounds of potatoes for less?  They are easy to make and serve and I would imagine that real potatoes must taste better than the dehydrated stuff. Same goes with a lot of this fake boxed food.  Macaroni and cheese, potatoes au gratin (and 20 other "flavors"), biscuits, soups, hamburger helper type meals, pizza in a box...and the list goes on.  I guess people don't want to take the time to cook anymore - it sure isn't hard to do.  Perhaps girls aren't being taught how to cook  so they purchase pre-made meals.  It amazes me to see peoples' carts at the store filled with boxes and frozen packages but no sign of vegetables, lettuce, fruits, potatoes, real food.   And the cost...  oh. my.

10.   Ask yourself, can I buy this at my farmer's market during the season?  We are blessed to have a wonderful farmer's market close to home.  If I can buy it from a local farmer as opposed to a corporation - I always choose the farmer.  Take your list to your local farmer's market and shop there first.  If you can't find it there, then visit your local grocery store.

If you don't know how to cook, it isn't too late.  Get a good book (The Joy of Cooking - published before 1960)  and read it.  I love the OLD cookbooks - check your library sales.  Older cookbooks don't tell you to get a jar of this, a box of that and a bag of something else and put them together.  Dear readers!  That is NOT cooking - it is combining! I was in an upscale restaurant last year and they had a delicious "house dressing made from scratch".  They also sold their own cookbook. I asked our waitress if the recipe for that dressing was in the book - she said "no, but I'll go write it down for you". I was so excited!  When she handed me the note, I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing.  It said..."take a bottle of Italian Dressing, add a bottle of Russian dressing and a bottle of Raspberry Vinagrette Dressing.  Mix well."  Seriously! Cooking from scratch takes more time but it is SO much cheaper and healthier than combining a bunch of fake food!

If you don't cook and you have daughters, learn together!  I've been teaching my boys since they were young.  This has really been a blessing to me lately!  As you know, I'm in a wheelchair for the next few weeks, and although my Mama has been cooking, and my church family is blessing, the rest of the time my boys are more than capable of keeping the kitchen running.  My tummy is thankful!

In Part 2 of Healthy Choices at the Grocery store, I'll share the 10 most important chemicals to avoid.

May all of your tummies be filled with real food,

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Soap Naming Contest #2

My new soap! 

Doesn't it look yummy?  It is lightly scented with cinnamon and orange!  But, again, it doesn't have a name...yet!  

Once again, I'm counting on your creative juices to help me create a name!  Of course, the best way to accomplish this is with a contest! And with a contest there has to be rules and prizes...

The Rules
1. Contest begins now and ends at midnight on Saturday, February 12th.
2. Name will be chosen by my family.  Although there *is* a winner, we are not obligated to use your name...after all..we might choose one of our own!
3. You can't be related to me and win.
4. You may enter as many times as you like.
5. Suggestions must be left in the comment section of this post. No more emails this time!
6. Winner will be announced February 15th!

And now we have...
The Prizes!
Winner gets a free bar of the soap they name and one other soap of their choosing.
I even pay the shipping!

Always wanted to try my soap but never got around to it? Now's the time...perhaps you can try it absolutely free! 


Monday, February 7, 2011

His Endless Gifts

I never expected this to happen...

But I am already seeing so much to be thankful for! Learning to be grateful (even for the hard things) and coming to the understanding that He has plans for me...plans for good and not for evil...and that He has allowed all things that do come to me....this has changed my outlook on life in so many ways.

Applying this concept when the nasty, hard, unfair stuff happens isn't easy...but if I can remind myself that there is a purpose in all of it....that somehow this is going to benefit me and bring glory to actually makes all of the hard times easier to bear!

So I sing the hard hallelujah for.....

#411 to #446

a broken bone - I was told that a torn ligament would have taken longer to heal...much longer!



chairs on wheels - makes moving around so easy

arnica montana and the salve I make with it

swelling going down!

comfrey - it helps to mend broken bones!

crutches - they go where wheels can't go

boot that hold bones firm

doctors who care

people who pray

more time with Him

friends in far countries who call just to chat!

pockets of air that keep feet from moving

children who have become care givers

friends who call and pray

my church family - truly family to me

catching up on sitting-down projects

medicine that eases pain

mama having no a-fib moments for over a month!

sons that can drive

amazing gifts that arrive in the mail

meals cooked by mama

my pink chaise - always loved but now so necessary....and comfortable!

children who pray

more time for Torah

that I don't have to miss church

my elders

ace bandages

parking for the disabled 

milk thistle helping the liver survive the medicines


round bales of hay brought by a friend

men at church willing to give counsel on big decisions

sons with tender hearts

Won't you join me as I worship the King with gratitude...your life will change and perhaps you will find, as I do, that He is your source, He is your provider...He never fails...He never forsakes....

He leaves me breathless....

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bring the Rain

This is where my heart is today....Romans 5:2b-4.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

One small mis-step!

I wish I could tell you that my little mishap occurred while doing something really exciting...water-skiing in the islands, snow skiing-up north or even in the ballroom dancing class.  Alas, it is so completely boring!

I was coming down the stairs while talking to my tallest-at-home-son.  I stopped on the last step and we were talking and laughing.  When I went to step down..normally, slowly, gently.step down.... all of 4 inches...I evidently got my foot partially on the floor and partially on my son's small mis-step.  It rolled my ankle to the floor, I heard a pop, I fell and hit the ground.  It's funny...I can remember thinking on the way down, "that pop probably means this is a bad thing".  I also remember wondering why my son didn't catch me since we were standing toe-to-toe.  In his defense, he said he tried but I was moving in the wrong direction...he didn't expect me to go sideways!

Immediately I knew that my foot was rapidly swelling, I told the boys to get my sock and shoe off.  I was really worried about my shoe...ladies, I know you will understand.  I've been looking for a pair of comfortable shoes for a year.  I've been wearing the same pair of everyday shoes for 4 years now and they were worn out. Everything I looked at was either too expensive (do people really pay $60.00 for a pair of everyday shoes?), uncomfortable (I'm on my feet too much,  must. have. comfort. ) or they don't have backs on them (in the winter people? please!).

I found a pair of shoes recently - normally $30 which I just couldn't justify - on sale for half price!  And they were SO comfortable.  The thought of having to cut that shoe to get it off my foot was one of the first things I thought about!  The boys got them off quickly and then I called for my arnica salve.  I slathered my foot with it - it was one of the most painful things I've ever done but I knew it would reduce the swelling.

I don't remember getting in a chair but once there, all I could do was pray, cry and grit my teeth.  I've never had pain like that - I declared that birthing babies was easier - roll all of my birthing pains together and they were nothing to this.  I scared the boys and I scared the dog.  I have decided that I am a complete wimp. Each time I opened my eyes, my boys were praying for me, how comforting that was and how blessed I am!

My son really wanted to drive me to the E.R. I said no. All of my children' broken bones have occurred either at night or on weekends....wonderful timing those boys. Each time, the E.R. has x-rayed it, wrapped it, and sent them home with instructions use ice, elevate the limb and see an orthopedic doctor on they rung up a bill equivalent to buying a small used car.

My thoughts were that we could do all of that at home...except for the x-ray....truthfully did it matter if I knew it was broken before Monday? And I was pretty sure, from the amount of pain, and the sound of that "pop" (think little boy's cork gun) that I had broken it.

It took about 2 hours before I could move...I crawled up the stairs and into bed.  We used ice packs and ibuprofen all weekend and I went to see my doctor on Monday. Off for an x-ray and found out that  I had indeed broken my foot...well, not all of it...just the 5th metatarsal bone.  Which was enough. This break is in an area known for difficulty in healing...not a lot of circulation there.  It often requires surgery to insert a screw.  I'll be bold and ask for your prayers - for healing, for wisdom in finding a new normal for my family during this time and for this to be a productive time in His eyes.

Recovery time?  Weeks and weeks.  Several before I can even attempt to bear weight..hence the wheelchair.  Then several on crutches.  Oh. fun.  School will be easy to do...but cooking? cleaning? laundry? Oh. my.  Making soap? salve? teas?  I will begin begging for grace right now!

I'm using my healing salve several times a day because it has a lot of comfrey in it. I'll also be using comfrey poultices and drinking comfrey tea. A good friend suggested adding some milk thistle to my diet to help protect my liver from the ibuprofen I'm taking.  I'll be doing that also.

My boys have been wonderful caring for me.  Although it is frustrating not to be able to care for myself - I'm so blessed by their attitudes and aptitudes.  I'm so thankful for each one of them.

I believe all things come through my Father's hands.  And I know Him....he is the giver of good things, He knows the plans He has for me and they are plans for good and not evil.   I believe He is using this to slow me down a bit...spend more time with His word a little longer and a little deeper for this season.  There is so much to be grateful for in this situation!

He also gave me a great was one small mis-step that created this injury. But isn't that always how we end up injured...or injuring others?  We take one small mis-step from the path He has instructed us to walk...a wrong choice, a little lie, unwilling to forgive a hurt, a hurtful word blurted out without thinking...just a small mis-step and we begin moving in the wrong direction....Before you know it we have completely lost our way!  We can't hear His voice, find his path, know His will.  It's important to make course corrections in our lives...when we inadvertently mis-step...and we all do...if we can quickly get back on the right path, we can reach our goal....walking each day a little closer to Him and conforming ourselves to the image of His Son.

May we all keep on the paths He has set forth for us...


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My New **ahem** Look

I've been working hard to loose some extra weight.  It's going very well.

Thank you for asking.

Since we are at the beginning of a new year, I thought I deserved a new look.  Those of you who know me, know that I love reds, and pinks but I've decided to go with blues, purples and highlight with a few touches of greens and do you think that's working for me?

I hear the layered look is in this winter so I am working hard on adding that to my wardrobe...

I normally choose gold  to accent my outfits but I am leaning...leaning...towards silver at this time.  I think I'll wear nothing but silver for awhile...

I heard that black was in so I rushed right out for new shoes....but they only had one.....

I have very small feet and this lovely svelte evening shoe (I call this an evening shoe because you wear it ALL overnight) was just a bit they were kind enough to come to my home today and take it back for me (how about that for service...and you thought we lived a deprived life out in the country!)....they've ordered a replacement to be shipped overnight...I get to go to a new store tomorrow morning and try it has "air" pockets to help with the fit...Michael Jordon's got nothing on me! I hope it is the same elegant black - it just goes with everything don't you think?

I've added this supplement to my doesn't taste so great going down but it certainly does a lot for you...I'll bet you wish you had some!

And to top off all of these wonderful new changes....I've got a temporary set of new wheels!  Try not to covet.

It even comes with it's own custom tag! I think the sparkly design goes well with silver don't you? 

I just love red. It goes so well with black.

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