People are always asking me how I do the old-fashioned things that I do. I teach classes here on my farm for local people...and not so local!  I've had students travel to my farm from Kentucky, Missouri, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida!

For those of you who just live too far away - or don't like to travel - here are some of my classes in book form!  I'll be adding more in the future!

TNfarmgirl's Perpetual Garden Calendar!  New! Gardening Through the Year with the TNfarmgirl! Finally....everything you need to know in one place! Learn what to do each month to have a bountiful garden from spring to fall. This calendar is a PDF download.  If you prefer the bound version, that is laser- printed on 80 lb. card stock, please see the other Calendar page.

Soapmaking Made Simple!  This course teaches you how to make soap in your own kitchen with an easy to follow format! It also covers a wide range of topics, has over a dozen tried and true recipes, troubleshooting tips and a great list of resources. Let me help you begin your journey in soap making with confidence!

Herbal Medicine Made Simple! - How to Grow and Use Herbs for Medicine!  Finally!! A simple to use, easy-to-understand course on the basics of herbal remedies! Download your book and join me as we learn about ten different medicinal herbs and how to use them to make many different forms of herbal remedies! This course will teach you how to make a water infusion, a decoction, a hot oil infusion, a cold oil infusion, a syrup, a compress, a poultice, a salve and a tincture! 
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