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The NAU - merging Mexico, Canada and the United States!

I have heard from several readers asking for more information on the merging of our country with Mexico and Canada to form the North American is another timely message from Mr. Baldwin with many additional links for information....hope this information helps those of you who have requested to learn more....

Cracks In The Wall Of Independence
By Chuck Baldwin
June 16, 2006

(This column is archived at

As I said in a recent column (, the surrender of America's independence and national sovereignty is the most serious threat we face today. Virtually every issue that patriotic citizens feel is important is significantly impacted by this single concern.

The loss of our independence will mean the loss of virtually every liberty enumerated in our Declaration of Independence and protected by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. There will be no right to life, no right to privacy, and no religious liberty when America loses this fundamental vanguard of national autonomy.

Therefore, the protection of our nation's independence should be a top priority of all true Americans, especially those who call themselves Christians! However, it seems that many of us are asleep at the wheel when it comes to this issue.

Many pro-lifers, pro-family groups, and outspoken conservative Christians are blind, mute, and dumb regarding the loss of our nation's independence and the merger of our country into a global New World Order (George Herbert Walker Bush's term)! Why is this? Are they really that naïve, or do they deliberately choose to look the other way?

I personally believe that many of our conservative Christian leaders have become so entangled in GOP politics that they are willingly ignorant of anything that might put them at odds with the Republican establishment. They turn a blind eye for personal benefit.

Regardless of the motive, America is quickly losing its independence, because not enough conservative and Christian leaders are making an effort to stop it! And make no mistake about it, Republicans are every bit as culpable as Democrats in surrendering our national sovereignty!

Accordingly, let me list the issues that directly relate to America's loss of nationhood with the hope that each of us will recognize them to be as important as they truly are.

*President Bush's Current Attempt to Merge the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Jerome Corsi is doing yeoman's work in his attempts to alert the American people to this travesty. If only our national Christian leaders would do the same! (See his latest column on this subject at

As noted in the above-mentioned column, President Bush has already secretly committed the United States to a trilateral regional government with Mexico and Canada. This is being accomplished with the aid and encouragement of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

I have in my possession a copy of a document that was produced in May 2005 by the CFR entitled, "Building a North American Community." (See it at:
( This document lays out the goals and objectives of globalists for creating a North American Union (NAU). These goals include the virtual erasure of our national border and the creation of a "perimeter" around the three countries, the free and unrestricted flow of people and goods between the three countries, and a mutual police and military security fence protecting the three countries. In other words, the merger of the U.S., Mexico, and Canada into one governmental body!

The seed for the NAU was planted by President Bush, Mexican President Vicente Fox, and (then) Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin back in March 2005 when they created a trilateral commitment to regional government by signing a document known as the "Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America" (SPP). (View it online at: Remember that this was done without any oversight, or even knowledge, of any legislative body of our government.

*Illegal Immigration

President Bush's demand for a "guest worker" (translated: amnesty) program stems from his commitment to the SPP agreement referenced above. If America is to be merged into a regional government, it must lose its cultural, economic, religious, and yes, even racial distinctiveness. Massive Mexican immigration to the United States accomplishes all of this and more.

Please know, too, that my web site contains what is arguably one of the most complete compilations of illegal immigration information on the Internet. Check it out at

*The Patriot Act

There are not enough words to describe the dangers and problems associated with this Draconian piece of legislation! In a nutshell, the USA Patriot Act eviscerates many, if not most, of the guaranteed liberties codified in the Bill of Rights. It is no hyperbole to say that the Patriot Act could have been written by leaders of Germany's Third Reich. In fact, many of the elements of the Patriot Act are eerily similar to the old German regime. Obviously, freedom and independence cannot survive a police state, and that is exactly what the USA Patriot Act paves the way for!

Again, my web site contains copious information regarding the Patriot Act, including my attorney-son's legal thesis of the Act ( and my radio interview with former congressman Bob Barr (

We have also compiled a "ton" of insightful articles and compelling data explaining the dangers of the USA Patriot Act. See it at

*Gun Control

America is the last major power in the world that holds to the doctrine of private ownership and possession of firearms. Without a doubt, the private possession of firearms is the main reason (humanly speaking) that America has been able to maintain a semblance of freedom for these two hundred-plus years! Any attempt to restrict the right of the citizenry to keep and bear arms must be viewed as tyrannical and vehemently resisted! Nothing serves the interests of globalism and harms the interests of independence more than gun control!

While I appreciate the efforts of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and am, myself, an Annual Member, the organization that is doing the best job defending our Second Amendment freedoms is Gun Owners of America (GOA). Under the able leadership of Larry Pratt, GOA is the most consistent and courageous defender of the right to keep and bear arms that I know of. I am proud to be a Life Member and urge all my readers to also join this fine organization. (See them on the web at

*Encroachment Upon Private Property Rights

Private ownership of property by the common man is a bane for globalists! If individuals are to be herded into regional communities, private ownership must be severely restricted. America's historic "castle" doctrine is another formidable obstacle to the dream of national interdependence. Attempts to reduce and even abolish private property have been ongoing for years. Therefore, Americans should vigorously oppose any and all attempts by governmental or even international entities to trample private property rights!

The leading organization for private property rights is the American Policy Center (APC), which is led by Tom DeWeese. (See them online at

*Adulterating The English Language

At no time in America's history did immigrants not understand that part of their assimilation into American society was the obligation to learn the English language-until now, that is. That Americans are now expected to underwrite the usage of foreign languages inside our own country and that foreigners have come to expect and even demand that America accommodate their languages is not only insulting to our people and heritage, it portends a serious threat to the national well being of our posterity!

*Mandatory Multiculturalism

America has its roots in Protestant Christianity! That fact is indisputable! That is not to so say that all of America's founders were born-again believers. Some were not. However, all of them, even Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, held the Christian faith to be superior to all other faith systems and understood that America was a distinctively Christian nation. In fact, Biblical law and principle form the cornerstone of our entire system of law and government! America can never lose its liberty and independence as long as it maintains an allegiance to Christian ideology. One does not have to be a practicing Christian to appreciate the primacy and importance of America's deeply rooted Christian heritage.

The current preoccupation with multiculturalism is anathema to America's future independence. While it is true that people of all faiths are afforded freedom and asylum here, America cannot lose its distinctively Christian faith system without sacrificing its very existence!

As stated earlier, both major parties are equally to blame for the erosion of our national sovereignty. With only few exceptions, Republicans and Democrats alike are facilitating America's demise.

Thankfully, the American people do have alternatives. There will be several independent candidates running for state and federal offices this year. I urge my readers to examine these candidates and support those that will stand for constitutional government and independence.

Leading the charge is the Constitution Party (CP). They will field scores, if not hundreds, of candidates this fall, and I predict that 2006 will be a banner year for them. I expect CP candidates to do very well in November.

The Constitution Party is the one national party that boasts a platform that is absolutely committed to the preservation of constitutional government and to national sovereignty. Please take a close look at the party and see if they will have any candidates in your state or community this fall. They are located online at

Independence and national sovereignty form the brick and mortar in the wall that (under God) protects the liberties and future of the American people. The abovementioned issues form the cracks, which, if allowed to grow, will most certainly collapse the great wall of independence that keeps America free. We cannot allow this to happen!

(c) Chuck Baldwin


  1. We gave up the Republic long ago, the Constitution is dead and we are well on the way toward leviathan....why not a North American Union. Makes sense from an empire building perspective. Very bad for those of us that love liberty.

  2. Perhaps we should fly a 'White Flag' this year, as our nation progresses toward surrendering it's sovereignty to foreign interests?


  3. I would add The National Animal Identification System (NAIS) to the list. Farming has been an American way-of-life & Liberty since the start of the nation; however we are facing a "take-over" of small, family farms by corp. giants.

    The only critical comment I would add to Mr. Baldwin's article is that he seems to have forgotten that there were people here before white Christian Americans and they were not Christians (in the sense we define Christianity) and had a rich earth-centered based spirituality. The US govn. was originally designed based on indigenous American systems which was one of the few in the world to stress the idea of individual freedom.

    Other than these points, I fully agree with him that our freedoms, whether religious, farming or individual, are in extreme danger. Thanks for sharing this info.

    PS love the blog!


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