Wednesday, December 23, 2009

An act of love...

My boys had an idea one night...turns out they were all thinking the same thing.  But then one of them spoke it out loud. Isn't it funny how thoughts, spoken out loud, are much more likely to be put into action?  It births them some how.  This was not an easy thought, sacrificial love was required but they had an abundance of love. Still...especially for teenage boys...this was a difficult decision.

The fact that they couldn't act on it for several weeks gave the enemy plenty of opportunity to place doubt into their minds.  How often does the enemy stop us from doing something we've been prompted to do by our Father?  Nasty little messages are aimed our way.  "Why would you do that?"  "What will people think?"  "It is so cold outside...wait till spring" "People will laugh at you" and perhaps the most fatal of all "No one knows about this - you don't have to go through with this".

But my boys were determined...they believed this was a prompting from their Father and it was further fueled by a great deal of love and respect.  The enemy had no chance.

I know I've mentioned a young family here before and asked for prayer.  Their names are Todd and Barbara and they have a daughter named Madison and a new baby boy named Benjamin. Todd has been fighting cancer for the last year.  A very aggressive and fast moving cancer but by God's grace and mercy he is doing well.  He just finished his third round of chemo.  Todd has been an amazing example to us all of trusting God.  He is honest with his fears and doubts but he consistently chooses to put his trust in our Father.

Todd has been an important role model of a godly man to my boys - he is a young, fun, encouraging, and godly young man. He has handled his adversity with a grace and trust that encourages my own boys in the difficult times they have endured these last two years.  My boys love him to pieces!

Because of the chemo, Todd has lost his hair and my boys, in their desire to show him support and love, decided to give theirs up voluntarily and surprise him!  They decided to do this after the tacky party and to surprise him at church the next morning.  We knew this would be a surprise because Todd and his family were at the tacky party and saw my boys in "full hair".

My oldest boy offered to do the honors of shaving their heads since he has experience in that area.  He buzzed their heads as closely as he could that night and then took a razor to them before church the next morning.  Of course, I took pictures!  Before and after.

Here they are before the buzzing began!

Best friends

Jeremy's thoughts on what is about to happen inspired this reaction!

JeremyWhat have I done!

Elijah was first simply because it was late and I wanted him in bed.


The my oldest son decided to be a stinker annoy tease display his artistic side on his younger brothers.


Reverse Mohawk?


We had photographers....

The audience

And an audience....

The audience

Josh did a bit of a stand-up comedy routine while buzzing heads and kept us all laughing with his marvelous sense of humor! Perhaps we should have sold tickets....

Then a friend of the boys decided to join in the fun!


The finished product that night!

It's gonna be so cold!

Still one more step to go after this - shaving in the morning! The boys had to get up really early to get chores done before the shaving began.  Josh figured he'd need about 30 min. per head.

The boys said this felt SO weird!




Here are my four bald boys!

My four sons!

So what happened at church and what did Todd think?

Join me next time!

Merry Christmas!


  1. I'm speechless! Look at those cue-balls! lol Your boys must have the biggest hearts in the world, Cheri. I suspect they learned from their mom's example. Have a glorious, blessed Christmas!

  2. What special boys you have. But then I bet you already know it. This really touched my heart and I can only imagine how it touched Todd's. I can't wait to hear. Merry Christmas.


  3. Pretty neat! My youngest came close to having to do this because he took a razor and shaved off portions of the hair he had in front; the only way I could even it out was to buzz his hair. Besides, it would be a bit chilly to have no hair in our neck of the country in winter!


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