Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Diagnosis Part 2

If you haven't read Part 1, you might want to start here!    

Now that I knew what it wasn't, I felt more confident in attempting to treat this thing spreading across Elijah's face and down his throat. We continued with the colloidal silver since that seemed to give Elijah relief.  Elijah just soaked a rag in it and kept it pressed to his face. This tells me that we were probably dealing with something bacterial.

I then started with Plantain...both compresses and poultices.  We did them for several hours that day, alternating between a compress and a poultice.  I'm so thankful that we can find Plantain on our farm even in the middle of winter!

We saw immediate improvement!  This is how he looked after spending an evening with Plantain. The red patches were less angry looking - more pink as opposed to bright red.  The weeping was confined to his chin at this point.
Before bed, we slathered Jewelweed Salve on his outbreak - just in case this was some sort of poison oak or sumac.  We deal with poison ivy all the time, all. the. time., but to our knowledge never poison oak or sumac so we weren't sure if they would present differently on Elijah.  We were covering all bases since we didn't know what we were dealing with.

 The next morning he looked even better!

You can see areas that were covered the night before that are now clear patches.  The area on his cheeks that are above his mouth are now clear.  The patches down his throat and across his collarbone were gone!  The weeping was much reduced. Was it the Jewelweed or the Comfrey in the salve that did the trick? 

Each morning, Elijah would need to remove the dried crusts from the weeping over night.  He did a mini exfoliating session again in the middle of the day and at night.  This seemed to speed up the healing process. 

Again, we did periodic compresses with Plantain throughout the day and evening.

At this point, we began using my Healing Salve both night and day. That really seemed to put us on the fast track to healing!  After using my healing salve for two days, his face is almost back to normal.

The improvement was so profound that we stopped using everything else and only used my healing salve. You can see a small crusty patch in the crease of his chin. This was the area where everything started and that was most severely affected.

After another 24 hours, there was no outbreak visible.  No scarring either!  His skin was back to normal...clear and beautiful! (Elijah would object to me using the word beautiful!)

We have tried to figure out what this was...poison something? contact dermatitis?  possibly impetigo (although I think the doctor would have diagnosed that)? We will probably never know.  We prayed!  We covered all the bases herbally and his face quickly cleared.  We give all glory to our Abba Father for the herbs he gave us and the answer to our prayers.

I recommend everyone gather Jewelweed and Plantain, let them dry naturally (no dehydrators or ovens please!) and store it in air tight containers.  Or visit my affiliate partner Mountain Rose Herbs and stock up!  

Both Plantain and Jewelweed are important to keep in your herbal arsenal at home! I think we use Plantain and Jewelweed ( along with Comfrey) more than any other herbs.  Get seeds and roots this year and grow them yourself!

Remember though....once  you plant them you will always have them in that area so make sure you plant them in the right place!


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