Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring Garden Fair!

Although the predictions were for severe thunderstorms and torrential rains, it turned out to be beautiful!

There was a variety of wonderful music just outside the building we were in...

we enjoyed gospel, bluegrass and patriotic music all day!

Josiah was asked to re-inact as Tom Sawyer again this year and to sell cane poles and bean tee-pees.

He sold out long before the festival ended.  You can see they are in the process of doing some restoration work on the building on the right - it is an original to the farm circa 1850!

Elijah sold worms to go with his brother's fishing poles and water. He really cleaned up on the water!

We were set up in the little blue house
that you see behind Elijah.

This was the school house for the children who
lived on this farm in the 1850's.

Underneath is the spring house with an ice cold
flowing spring.

Our little school house had visitors all day long - this festival was one of the best attended we have ever seen!

We were told by many that you could smell the heavenly scent of my soaps and teas outside!  And the scents filled the school house - almost everyone who walked in the door inhaled deeply and told us how wonderful it smelled!

My two new soaps, Avocado Dilly Bar and My Tennessee Woods, were very popular as were my shampoo bars.

It was wonderful to see so many faithful customers who have
become friends!  I also enjoyed meeting many new people, answering questions and trying to help them decide on their

We had one young lady buy some Aches Away Salve for her back pain.  She was very skeptical and warned me that she was going to go right to the car and try it.  I just smiled.  She was back in an hour.  She had applied it and gotten part way home when the relief was so great that she turned around and came back for another tube! 

We had another lady limping with knee pain.  I had her sit and gave her a sample of the Aches Away to help her.  She applied it in my shop and left with a sweet thank you. 

She was back in less than an hour to purchase a tube of the Aches Away salve saying it had really helped with the pain. Instances like these really make this work worthwhile.  I love helping others!

Josiah doesn't normally wear this type of hat...he was chosen to be a judge in the Eden's Ridge Gee-Haw Whimmy Diddle Contest.  The winners from the adult and children's divisions will compete in Asheville at the National Gee-Haw Whimmy Diddle Contest....seriously.  The National Champion lives in this area and he came to officiate the contest.

Elijah wanted to participate this year again.  He won a couple of years ago in the children's division. Each person competing is assigned a judge to count how many times they can gee and haw in a given amount of time.

Here Elijah is competing in front of his can see Josiah judging in the background. It isn't as easy as it also have to do it behind your back!

Elijah had been practicing and evidently it paid off - he won the children's division for Eden's Ridge and the right to compete in the Nationals.

The gentleman behind Elijah in the dark hat is the National Gee-Haw Whimmy Diddle champion.  It appears we might be making a trip to Asheville, NC in the future!

It was a wonderful weekend and all of us had a great time...we will be doing one more fair this coming weekend at the Appalachian State Fairgrounds in Gray TN and then we will be settling back in and getting busy with farm and garden projects.

I'm looking forward to being home again.



  1. Hey . . . do you sell your soaps and things on Etsy?


  2. I feel certain that the route to Asheville goes right by our place. Wink.

  3. It looked like you all had a great time.
    Wish we live closer.
    I would love to know if you all go to Ashville, NC.
    It would be great to meet you and your family.
    We live about 4 hours from Asheville.
    Melanie B.


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