Sunday, February 16, 2014

Whipped body butter volunteers?

I'm looking for a few local guinea pigs volunteers  who would be willing to try out my new whipped body butter and then give me an honest review!

This scent is based on my very popular Chocolate Ice if you don't like peppermint, this is not the time to volunteer.

Isn't she lovely?

 To volunteer...

1.  You must be local :)

2.  You must suffer from dry skin.

3.  You must be willing to give me your honest opinion ....I'm talking brutal people!

4.  I'd really like my jars back too!

Leave your name or zip me an email if you are brave enough.

Oh...Elijah says it tastes faintly minty with a hint of chocolate...seriously?

Maybe we should make another rule....this is not to be eaten - just slathered on your dry skin!

 Thanks in advance!

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