Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Imagine a world with no more income tax....

I received this notice from several groups and thought it important enough to share with my readers (here goes my political side!).  I have neither heard nor read anything negative about this...please share if you are more informed than I.  This appeals to my frugal side since it only applies to "new" things and there is no tax on purchases made for necessities....this might not appeal to those of you who love to roam the malls :)  Please let your Senators and Congressmen know how you would like them to vote....after all they are SUPPOSED to be representing you!

ALERT: April 15th is coming up fast... the most dreaded day of the year for hard-working taxpayers in this country.Don't you think it's time to finally make April 15th just another day? Don't you think it's time to finally get rid of the IRS and repeal the dreaded 16th Amendment -- and get rid of the income tax? So do we -- and now, we can.TODAY, April 3rd, U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA), U.S. Rep. John Linder (R-GA), U.S. Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) and Ken Hoagland of Americans for FairTax are holding a news conference and rally to announce that they have re-introduced the "FairTax" in both the U.S. Senate and U.S. House. They're being joined by hundreds of grassroots supporters of the legislation, including the President of RightMarch.com, Bill Greene, along with members of Georgians for FairTax and Americans for FairTax. The "FairTax" Plan is a nonpartisan national grassroots campaign to replace the federal income tax system with a progressive national retail sales tax. It provides a "prebate" to ensure no American pays federal taxes on spending up to the poverty level, dollar-for-dollar federal revenue replacement and, through companion legislation, repeal of the 16th Amendment.

The FairTax is a NATIONAL RETAIL SALES TAX; in other words, you would pay your federal taxes whenever you purchased a product or service. The FairTax means that the federal government would no longer withhold federal taxes from your paycheck -- you get to keep more of what you make. You would no longer need to file federal income tax forms -- the federal income tax system would be abolished. And under the FairTax all families will receive a monthly tax rebate check.It's time for a real change -- but Congress won't change unless WE FORCE THEM TO.

TAKE ACTION: The current income tax system is broken. It's complicated, easy to evade, and unfairly burdens the lower and middle classes. And, attempts to fix it have only made it worse.The FairTax would impose a 23% (tax-inclusive) sales tax on the purchase of new goods and services in the U.S. It would let workers keep their entire paycheck and retirees keep their entire pension; abolish the IRS and ends all audits of individual taxpayers; replace the federal income tax, freeing individuals from ever filing a tax return again; replace all payroll taxes including Social Security and Medicare taxes (current Social Security and Medicare benefits would not change); replace corporate and self-employment taxes; eliminate all hidden federal taxes; provide a universal rebate equal to the sales taxes paid on essential goods and services to ensure that no American pays taxes on necessities; replace all estate, gift, and capital gains taxes; dramatically lower tax rates for low- and middle-income Americans; close all tax loopholes; bring accountability to tax policy; and let American-made products compete fairly. It's time to scrap the current tax code, and give the IRS the boot. Click below NOW to send a FREE message to your Congressman and both of your Senators, demanding that they SUPPORT the newly-reintroduced "FairTax" .  Click here to send a message (Note:  you will need to change the address information!) 

See how much the FairTax is an improvement over the income tax -- Click Here to try out the "FairTax Calculator" for yourself!



  1. Way to go!
    I'm glad to hear the FairTax making it's way to reliable blogs. My father got involved in it three years ago in Florida and is spreading the message everywhere he can. He knows a great many seniors who are tired of being taxed to their very death.
    I would like to see it happen; not only because it's completely fair and sensible, but I would like to stop being at the mercy of politicians. A little liberty goes a long way!
    Thanks for posting this. :)

  2. Julia,
    From all I have read, it seems a wonderful solution to a myriad of problems.

  3. The problem with this is that our government ALREADY can't make ends meet with its enormous bureaucracy. I'd love to see a reduction in government followed by a reduction in taxes, but ultimately those bureaucrats want to protect their own jobs.

    Folks like you and me who are very low consumers (relative to the rest of America) wouldn't be paying our "fair share" and you know how Americans hate the thought of anyone getting a "free ride". If you're not bellying up to the counter every day to get the appropriate number of latte drinks, Walmart bric-a-brac, and matching placeware sets then you're not very patriotic, now are you?

    We can't support government welfare, corporate bailouts, enormous farm subsidies, overseas wars, and a rule-keeping machine that rivals anything the Soviets ever built. Certainly we can't keep all that afloat without an income tax.

    Now tell me a plan for getting rid of all that and THEN reducing taxes and I'm behind you 100%. America could be quite a prosperous nation again if we'd make some of these bureaucrats and corporate fat cats either start rowing or swim for shore.

  4. Ernie,
    Amen, amen, amen! Let's start with the IRS and Dept. of Ed., then move on to welfare, perks for politicians, NPR, National Endowments to the Arts, corporate bailouts, subsidies, and then let's work on the USDA....FDA...and other huge government entities that require a lot of money but produce little of interest or help to the American public!

  5. By the by, have you heard of former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee? I saw him on C-SPAN Friday night and have been trying to get my hands on everything about him that I can, as I was very intrigued by what I heard him say at the Iowa Republicans dinner they were broadcasting.

    Pro-life, pro-2nd amendment. Former pastor. Unabashedly Christian.

    You might like him. I know that I do thus far!

  6. CountryGoalie,
    Haven't heard of him before but I liked what you had to say about him!


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