Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Join us for T.E.A.?

We invite you to join us for a T.E.A. party today...Taxed Enough Already! that is!  The boys and I will be attending our local tea party. I am sure there is one near can read below to find out more.  Let me know how your party went :)
Today I'm writing to ask you for a very important favor.  It's not a favor for me but for you, your family and our nation. On April 15 there will be taxpayer tea parties literally across this nation.  I'm asking you to attend one of these taxpayer tea parties and bring as many friends and family as possible. For a list of these important rallies, please visit You'll be able to choose the one closest to you.

These tea parties will be closely watched by the media, by elected officials and by the Obama Administration. We must demonstrate that hundreds of thousands of Americans are willing to take time out from their work and from their busy lives to stand up for our economic freedoms. At Americans for Prosperity we know the power of grassroots Americans. You've seen it yourself in recent months. These taxpayer tea parties are the biggest opportunity we have to show the grassroots fire against the spending, debt, tax increases and freedom-killing big government. That's why I need for you to attend one of these taxpayer tea parties. If you're willing to come, please click here to let us know which one you'll be attending.

In addition, we'll be offering anybody attending a tea party the chance to win $1,000! AFP Foundation and Heritage Foundation have joined forces to launch the Stop Spending Our Future initiative, which offers four contests and $5,000 in total prizes. Our "Spread the Word" contest will award $1,000 to the individual that collects the best video testimonial from an attendee at one of these tea parties. For more information, please visit

We are going to win if we stand up and fight every day.  These taxpayer tea parties are just the kind of fight we need. I hope to see you at one of the rallies.

Tim Phillips
President, Americans for Prosperity



  1. We'll be there! See ya'!

  2. Couldn't make it to ours. Wife was at work and I had the kids. But I had my own little tea party... Went to the front yard, stood under the flag, and said (though no on was there to hear me), "Barak Obama, quit wasting my tax money!" Then proceeded to dump a bag of tea onto the lawn. Crazy? Maybe, but I participated anyway!


    apparently we are considered terrorists!!

    check out this video, wonder if it's all black because of what happened to end time watchman on youtube. all his videos have been deleted and he's gone missing!! other people have posted his videos, wonder what will happen to them?

  4. Well, I went to Kingsport, over 500 people there -- took my three year old granddaughter, had tea bags pinned all over her, probably 20 bags, hanging from her glasses, all over her jacket and pants. It was a great meeting, good speaking, even in the under 50 degree temperatures, with wind. People are getting ignited -- thank God!


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