Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What would it look like?

A great article on what a Ron Paul Presidency would look like written by Bill Sardi and found here.  Although here are some highlights, go read what Mr. Sardi wrote - there is So much more info about how your life could change under a Ron Paul Administration - please go...go the article!

 $1 trillion cut in federal spending(per year.
US would cease being the world's policeman and plunderer of foreign economies .
The Department of Commerce, Department of Education and other Cabinet positions would be eliminated. 
A regular audit of the Federal Reserve

Demand an audit of the gold at Ft. Knox. 
Abolishment of the Internal Revenue Service
A push for the federal government to get out of the real estate lending business. 
A push for a currency that has limited stretchability by backing it with gold.
"Imagine Ron Paul appoints a new chief at the Food & Drug Administration who turns that institution upside down, who complies with the law (Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act) rather than repudiates or ignores it as the current FDA does, and works to allow health claims for natural medicines that work far more safely and effectively than synthetically made drugs, and at much lower cost. " 
Ron Paul has publicly stated he would take a $39,000/year salary while in office .

"You can save your country, save your family, save your nation's future – vote Ron Paul for President."Bill Sardi.

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  1. And Ron Paul would probably be shot in the first 6 months of his presidency. But I'm willing to take a gamble that he could get a loyal secret service to protect him. :-)


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