Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Snicky Snack Night...

Tonight I want to share about another of our Christmas traditions...affectionately named Snicky Snack Night. (Although I don't remember how we came up with this name... I am pretty sure it involved a child under the age of three!) This takes place on Christmas Eve. If you are here to read about lots of healthy foods for the holidays then you have come to the wrong blog tonightSurprised  I can't even remember when this tradition started - but OBVIOUSLY it was before we became aware that we needed to eat a more natural, organic and healthy diet.  We have modified this "meal" a bit to accomodate our way of eating now but as you will see there is plenty of unhealthy stuff going on the table that night ...(Warning!! Danger Will Robinson! Danger!)  Since this only happens a few times a year I am not going to get my britches in a twist about the menu....

Snicky Snack night is a big family event - my Mom comes and a dear lady named Pam (Whom my family adopted about 13 years ago) will be there too.  We turn on all the Christmas lights (tree, window, swags, etc.) and light all the candles (lots and lots of candles!) We start a "snicky snack" smorgasboard  that goes all evening.  Once everyone has their plate filled (at least the first one) we spread a picnic blanket on the floor for the kids to eat on while the adults settle into the chairs and the couch. Then we start the movie "It's a Wonderful Life".  We eat and watch until everyone is filled.  This is one of our favorite family movies and the boys are not allowed to watch it until Christmas Eve.

Here is the menu - which is traditionally the same each year.  We have chips with onion dip and jalapeno bean dip, my Mom brings her famous cheeseball, there is a selection of cheese and crackers and some chevre or cream cheese covered with my hot blackberry jam also served with crackers.  There will be sweet and sour meatballs, angel eggs,  bar-b-q sausages, chicken nuggets both plain and tossed with my killer wing sauce, fried cheese sticks, mini quiches, small bagel pizzas, old fashioned pound cake, 6 or 8 types of Christmas cookies, spiced cider, egg nog and sweet tea.  (I know, I now feel like you have entered the Twilight Zone... or perhaps I have been assimilated by the horrible normal American junk food industry!) 

Let me share a bit how we are slowly making this a healthier night (please note that I did NOT say healthy....I said healthier).  We no longer buy our meatballs but make them with our own meat, the sausages are no longer "Lil Smokies" but turkey sausage cut into disks, the eggs are now home grown eggs.  The cheeses, when possible, are home made.

The fried cheese sticks...don't know if I will ever master that one.  The bagel pizzas will be homemade once I have mastered the art of bagel making (this is on my list for this next year) and the quiches will be also - just need to learn to make them in that cute little miniature size.

The pound cake, favorite Christmas cookies and drinks - I have no plans to change those - they are old family favorites and we like them just the way they are - sugar included! Snicky Snack night happens twice a year in our family - Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. (This way I only have to buy the junky stuff once and can split it between the two nights!) I figure eating this way twice a year isn't going to kill my boys and if I suggested banning it ....well....mutiny comes to mind! (Warning to Moms:  just about the time they come down from the sugar high from Christmas Eve - it is time to do it again on New Year's Eve....hopefully they will be normal by the time school starts againWink!)

Once the movie is over and the tummies are filled, we play board games until eyelids get droopy.  Then off to bed for the kidletts while I get things ready for morning.  Breakfast on Christmas morning will involve fresh squeezed orange juice and home made cinnamon rolls with buttercream frosting - served warm from the oven - yummy!  This will tide them over until our big meal a little after 1:00 pm.

This night is one that the boys look forward to for months...the atmosphere, the soft lights, the good food, friends and family, fun, games, movies....truth be told, I look forward to it a great deal myself!

Oh, just so you don't think I slave away all day on Christmas Eve - the week before each child is responsible for helping prepare a portion of the meal to put in the freezer.  For instance, this year Jeremy is taking care of the sausages and onion dip, Josiah will be doing bean dip and meat balls, and so on -  this way by Christmas Eve almost everything is ready - it just needs to be warmed up - which makes for a relaxing day for me too!  We eat on good paper plates (trays actually with lots of compartments) so clean up is easy that night.

I encourage you to think about starting your own Snicky Snack night - pick your favorite foods, pick a silly name ( or feel free to use ours!) plan some special things to do and spend the day and evening together....just having fun!

These are the things that memories are made of....I know that my boys will probably continue this tradition in their own homes and will always look back on this special time with such joy! I know that I will also!



  1. What a wonderful time! Aah...These are the ways that memories are made.
    BTW, to make the mini-quiches, just follow your regular recipe, but instead of a quiche pan, use a muffin pan. Voila! A dozen perfect mini-quiches.

  2. Hi Brenda,
    Ok, so do I line the tins with the pie dough and pour in the filling? And can I do this with mini-muffin pans? These quiche are bite size...

  3. OK, I'm from the South, too, but I still don't know what "Angel Eggs" are.

    Help me out here...

  4. Hi Julie,
    More commonly known as "deviled" eggs. :) We've called them angel eggs for as long as I can remember - they taste "heavenly!"

  5. You know, it's funny...I woke in the middle of the night last night, and giggled as I (finally) realized that had to be what you meant.

    One of those I could have had a V-8 type moments! LOL

    My kids are now drooling over your Snicky Snack Night, and begging to do it. Too late for Christmas Eve, but I think I'll surprise them for New years Eve.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


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