Friday, February 20, 2009

Celebration of Love

Valentine's was wonderful. I worked that morning and came home to a few surprises. I had offered to cook dinner for family and friends. It was an easy day teaching so I was able to get home earlier in the afternoon than usual and found a lovely surprise had been delivered!
Beautiful tulips!

I had been admiring all the spring flowers arriving at the stores but just couldn't afford to purchase them.   It's been a long time since flowers were delivered to my home!   These were so lovely and very appreciated!

I made a huge salad with home made croutons, organic lettuces, organic raisins, and lots of other goodies.


I made a Raspberry vinaigrette, a homemade ranch dressing and an Asian/sweet and sour dressing...along with our standard Italian that we always have on hand.  If ya'll are interested, I'll do a post soon on making your own salad dressings...just leave me a comment and let me know.  They are so delicious, so easy and so much better for you than store bought!

I had thawed a package of our T-Bone steaks from our grass fed cow the day before.  I placed them in a marinade and let them work all night and all day.  They cut like butter and the taste was delicious.  One of my guests insisted that this would have cost over $25.00 each in a fine restaurant!

Grass Fed Beef!

I served these T-Bones with the salad, baked potatoes with fresh chives and heavenly yeast rolls that this lady taught me to make (it only took a year to learn!)

While I was working that morning, Josiah made some Valentine cookies for dessert and one of my guests brought some gorgeous strawberries that were hand-dipped in chocolate.  If you look closely on the table you can find them!  I can't begin to tell you how yummy they were!

Our beautiful table!

You also might notice a green checkered cloth on the table.  Elijah had confiscated some of Josiah's cookie dough and created something special just for me.  It was hidden under that cover until we got to desert.  Special heart shaped cookies and a pretty smiley face!

My children also presented me with handmade cards and notes that blessed my socks off.  I just have to share a part of one of seems that their letters always make me cry!
"Mother, of which I am so proud and love so much that I can't show it all...      1 Peter 3:4 "Rather let it be the hidden person of the heart with the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of Yahweh"

Mom, in the sight of me you are more precious than life itself!"

Someone please pass me a tissue!



  1. Salad dressing recipes, yes! We never buy the store kind!

  2. How lovely. You were blessed and you blessed others as well. Isn't that just the wayit should be. I am glad your day was wonderful


  3. Alright, Cheri, you know I'm pregnant, so you'll understand when I say I NEED you to post your homemade ranch dressing recipe. :)

  4. would love the dressing recipes ~ thanks!

    lovely note!!!

  5. I'm interested in your homemade dressing recipes, too. I make a light-ish Italian and "Asian" flavored dressing for us, and others would be welcome.

  6. You always have the best recipes, and I'm looking forward to the dressing ones as well! Jim was out of town for Valentine's Day, but my boys rose to the occasion and made cards for me as well! We celebrated with homemade pizza and breadsticks.

  7. I would love your salad dressing recipes as the homemade ranch dressing we make always comes out too spicy for our little guys.


  8. Yes, yes, on the dressings recipes.

    Your boys are wise beyond their years for the love, respect, and honor they devote to their mama!

  9. I would lOVE your salad dressing recipes! Exactly what I'm looking for...yumm!

  10. Yes for me too on posting your salad dressing recipes!!! Please include you creamy basil dressing recipe. I harvested my basil leaves and seeds at the end of the summer after reading your post. The leaves are in my freezer-can't wait to try your recipe! Thanks! Pam


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