Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Where's the beef?

At our farm...it's in the freezer!  How thankful we are for our home grown beef!  I don't buy lunch meats.  I used to...it was a staple in our lunch menu rotation.  There are many reasons I don't buy lunch meats.  Price is a factor but is probably on the bottom of the list.  I began to research the preservatives, chemicals, dyes (yes they are dyed!) and decided that it just wasn't worth it.   My boys have a lot of reactions to chemicals, dyes and preservatives.  My youngest is probably the most sensitive.  I wonder if it is because our diet had become so much more healthy before he was born that he hasn't had the exposure to the bad stuff that the others have had...perhaps that is why he is more sensitive.

Just because we don't buy lunch meats, doesn't mean we don't love a turkey sandwich or a roast beef hoagie.  It just means we go about it a little differently than ya'll might.  If we want a turkey or roast beef sandwich, we cook a turkey or a roast.  We don't usually cook them just for the sandwiches...when we cook a turkey, I always take a part of the meat and save it aside for turkey sandwiches.  I do the same with a roast.  Although, I have been known to cook one of our roasts just for lunch meat....in fact, I just did that last week.

I thawed a sirloin tip roast last week and roasted it to medium rare. I had Jeremy assemble our slicer, which I bought at a Costco "going out of business sale" for $15.00  Such a deal!  Once out of the oven, I allowed it to cool to room temp and then refrigerated it overnight.  For some reason, they always slice better when cold.  I sliced the WHOLE thing!

Here is a portion of my reward!

Home grown, grass fed beef!

There were several plates heaped with this wonderful beef! Next to it is a Boursin type cheese.  Wonderful made with raw cow or goat's milk but you could achieve the same thing by adding garlic and herbs to cream cheese and whipping it.

I wanted to saute some onions and peppers for our hoagie sandwiches.  I freeze peppers each year from our garden.  I slice them before I freeze them so they are quickly available for fajitas.  I raided the freezer for a bag of peppers.

Home grown sweet bell peppers!

Don't they just make your mouth water?  They are so wonderful.  I've gone through them quicker this year than normal so this summer we will increase the number of sweet bell pepper plants in our garden.

I grabbed one of my Grandma's cast iron skillets and sauteed the peppers with some onions and a little home churned butter....yum!


Evidently I was too excited to eat this wonderful meal because I neglected to take a picture of the finished hoagies but I can assure you we devoured them.  A toasted hoagie, a little cheese, peppers & onions and our beef...sigh....a glass of sweet tea and it's heaven on earth!

I also take the roast, slice it very thick and then cut it into strips for fajitas.  I usually do some chicken at the same time.  I combine the strips of roast and chicken into portions and freeze them.  I then have a "fast" meal for times when I need one.  Sauteed in a little soy sauce, brown sugar and garlic...wow!  All you need are the toppings and dinner is on the table.

What are ya'll's favorite home grown meals?



  1. That does sound heavenly!!

    We don't have a garden at this point- so our most "homemade" meal we have is anything made with flour from our wheat grinder- tortillas, bread, pizza crusts, pancakes you name it! Every person we ever have over for dinner is completely intrigued that we make our own flour! It's opened a door to minister to a new friend of Jason's- a single guy who mostly eats Lean Cuisines or eating out. We've already had him over a couple times to enjoy a "real" meal and at the same time Jason is building a relationship with him. Relational evangelism is fun!

  2. Oh you are a tease!! Our steer won't be ready for the freezer until July! I'll certainly make this! Fajitas too!

    I would like to try growing a few turkey this year as well. The best turkey sandwich from my Sue Gregg cookbook:

    On whole grain bread, spread the bread with cream cheese (or the boursin you mention would be even better!), cranberry sauce (I buy in season and freeze them just for this recipe), turkey, and fresh lettuce! I sure hope I can wait until the fall for this one!

    We don't buy meat either. Only what we raise. We're down to lamb and pork right now. Guess I'll have to try some pulled pork!


  3. Andrea,
    It's great that you are grinding wheat! It's a wonderful place to start!

    That sandwich sounds wonderful! I'll try it next time! We just did some pulled pork for sandwiches and for topping pizza!

  4. I love your blog, and your farm. Always nice to meet more grass-fed believers. Join the Grass-fed Party

  5. Wow, Cheri, you are making my mouth water! It all sounds so delicious. Thanks for the quick-meal ideas. I am always looking for that type of thing. It is very difficult because hubby comes home for lunch and we are always in the middle of school. I hate it when I have to resort to unhealthy options for time sake. Don't know if you remember but you and I talked a little about that when we visited in Oct. Can't wait to try these new meals!
    Blessings to you and yours,

  6. Oh my--it's just *wrong* to torture me like that. lol. That looks soooo yummy. I want some! ha.


  7. Yummmmy

    That looks so good. Shame on you for torturing me, LOL. Sigh..... I guess, sniff sniff, I will live, sniff sniff..... ; )

  8. Yum! That looks mouth-watering delicious.

  9. *WOW* it is not often that I get the chance to visit your blog...but every time I do ...I catch it at the "right time!" It is late at night for me here in Kentucky and yet my mouth still waters and drools for such a description and then to scroll down and have visual aides as well! "YOU have out done yourself!" Thank you for your wonderful blessings (of your shared writings)..I am truly blessed!

    Thank you as always!
    In agape Love....
    oo and "Happy Love Day with your family!"

  10. I certainly enjoy your blog ;)

    The food looks yummy and I love seeing it presented so...we raise our own pork and lamb, and our beef comes from my folks, so can appreciate what you have! Aren't we blessed to have this good food? My peppers (and onions and potatoes) seemed to go fast this winter, too.

    God Bless!


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