Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tea Party Time!

We attended our local tea party last week and enjoyed some wonderful speakers!  A local attorney, Jeff Cobble, gave a wonderful speech on our Constitution and encouraged everyone to get a copy and read it thoroughly...hhhmmmm....wonder how many of our representatives have done so?  From the legislation that comes out of Capital Hill, I'd say not many since much of it violates our beloved Constitution!

One of our good friends, Walter, gave a wonderful speech on the courthouse steps!

Walter on the courthouse steps!

I happen to know this young man doesn't do a lot of public speaking.....yet!  He did an excellent job, seemed completely at ease and really engaged the crowd....I expect him to do a lot more speaking and wouldn't be surprised if our Father moved this godly young man into some local politics!  He's already got our vote....and some willing campaign workers!  You can hear and see Walter's speech here.

This also happens to be where Jeremy gave his first public performance with his new drums!  This video should answer the requests from ya'll to see more of Jeremy's drumming. The Willi were gracious enough to ask Jeremy to play with them during the Tea Party!  There isn't much Jeremy enjoys more than playing with friends...especially these friends!

These young people really did a great job.  They sang a song that they wrote is called "Tattered Old Flag".  I really encourage you to listen to the words....this video is courtesy of The Willi and can also be watched on their site here.

On the Steps of the Courthouse - "Tattered Old Flag" by The Willi from Walter on Vimeo.

If you'd like to purchase a copy of their CD you can do so here.  I assure you that you won't be disappointed!  You can also listen to many samples of the songs on their CD.

There was a huge crowd with many local, state and federal politicians present.

Congressman Roe in the suit...carrying the Cap and Trade bill.

Congressman Roe, who listens to his constituents and does a good job, brought us a copy of the Cap and Trade Cap and Tax bill that will cost each family in America thousands of dollars in increased taxes, gasoline prices, heating and cooling prices and more!  He also brought a copy of the ~ahem~ little amendment that was added at 3:09 am.....over 700 pages!  I have, of course, something to say about this...VOTE THESE PEOPLE OUT!!!!  If they introduce legislation that is contrary to the Constitution, it ought to be automatic grounds for dismissal.  That would surely stop the majority of the nonsense emanating from Capitol Hill.

Courtesy of the Greeneville Sun

I think all of these people would agree with me!  This photo is courtesy of our local paper which did a huge article on the Tea Party.  You can read about it on their website here.

And here is The Willi and Jeremy in action...also courtesy of our local paper.

The Willi and Jeremy!

I hope you participated in your local tea parties...if not I encourage you to do so in the future.  The only way to make a course correction in the direction that this country is headed is to get involved....all of us!  This applies to our children.  I don't know if we will see much of a change in our will be the next generation that truly makes a difference and we need to get them started now.

One of the most important things we need to do is appeal to our Father for our nation.  Truly it is in His hands.  Although we deserve judgement as a nation, we beg for His loving mercy.


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  1. It's too late to stop Obama without an American (patriotic) revolution.

    If Big Brother sees this they'll probably arrest me.

    It's either time to leave the U.S., as many are, are fight. And I'm a peaceful man.


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