Monday, October 25, 2010

His Endless Gifts

This past week has been filled with His gifts.  As I continue to make these lists, I find that my eyes are opening, I am realizing how many wonderful gifts are provided each day and how easy it is to miss them if you aren't looking for them.  In the busyness of life, we forget to still and seeing Him in the ordinary, our lives become...
adjective 1. beyond what is usual, ordinary, regular, or established

And so we worship Him with our gratitude for His endless gifts...

#161 to #190


apple orchards

family gathered around the table

canners to preserve His gifts of summer and fall

farmer's markets

fall green beans

the last of the tomatoes

day trips with my boys

family coming to visit

washing machines



yard sales


my customers



muffin tins

fall flowers (His beauty never ceases!)


rainy days

full moons

His healing touch

an arm around my shoulder

gifted canning jars

seed packets filled with hope for next year

game nights with friends

community theatre

an honest serviceman

mountains on fire with His color

Won’t you join me….journal your gifts….as you watch your gratitude grow, your trust increases and life becomes an exciting adventure as you anticipate what your Father will do next….He is your source...He never fails....never forsakes......

He keeps me…breathless….. 

holy experience


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