Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Today, my new farm doors opened..come on in!  I've been working on this for as long as I can remember for two weeks. Both of those time estimates are probably accurate statements at this point.

The address for my farm website is now www.tnfarmgirl.com.  My old site, www.sweethollowfarm.com, has disappeared but only momentarily.  The powers that be tell me that within 72 hours you will be able to find my farm site from either address.

Why did it take me two weeks? I think if I could have sequestered myself with no interruptions (hhmmm.... wonder what that would be like?) it would have only taken a day.  However, my life is filled with blessed interruptions from my boys...and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Then there was school to teach,  the garden to put to bed, canning, shed repair, canning, friends to spend time with, canning,  a fun afternoon with my family, canning, classes to teach and...did I mention canning?  Can you see what a blessed child of Yahweh I am? How grateful I am for the way He orchestrates my life.

Just remember when you come to visit...it's a new place and the "pictures" haven't all been hung and there are some new ones too!  There will be some new "rooms" and a "tour" of our farm.  At some point, I think we can get my blog over there too so you will only have one stop to make!

Y'all come visit now....


  1. I take it you've been canning! ;-D I've been baking for the better part of two days, so I can sympathize a bit. Hope everyone is well! Love ya!

  2. Oooohhh...what have you baked? Are you happy with it? I hope to finish the applesauce tonight. Then on to pie filling and wing sauce. Then I will think about pumpkins :)

    Love you!


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