Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sister Schubert and My Faux Pas

A dear friend invited my Mom and I to the local performing arts center this week....along with over a dozen other terrific ladies. What a treat!

Who was "performing" you ask?  I was told it was Sister Schubert. I was told it was a cooking demonstration. Cooking?  I'm always interested in learning something new from someone else!

Let me explain...I don't watch T.V., rarely read the newspaper and don't listen to the radio.  I also bake my own bread, rolls, biscuits, hamburger buns, and pretty much cook everything from scratch etc. etc.

SO I don't shop the frozen foods section - this is not an excuse for what is about to is an explanation....big can trust me on this one.

As we were all standing and chatting before the "show", I asked who Sister Schubert was....there was an audible gasp and I knew I had stuck my foot in my mouth.  And I could feel the blush rise....These sweet ladies were quick to inform me that she was famous for her frozen rolls.

Was I content to stop needed to cram that foot down my throat ask another question.

It seemed very logical at the time....

"Is she a nun?".

Well, wouldn't you?!  She's called SISTER for goodness sakes.

Let me just say that I was with a very special group of ladies - no one laughed (there might have been one wee squeal), no one pointed at the foot in my mouth that was working it's way down to my toes... they were all so gracious.  Now, they might have whispered about the poor dear who's so out of touch with the world that she didn't know who Sister Schubert was (sounds like she must be FAMOUS)....but if they did, I didn't hear them.  I liked every last one of those women!

I liked Sister Schubert - she loves Jesus and isn't afraid to talk about Him.  One of her siblings named her "sister" and it stuck - everyone calls her that. She seemed genuine too - like you could sit and chat over a cup of tea.

I liked that all of her rolls are made with real food - that you can pronounce - things like flour, butter, milk and salt.

I liked the recipe she gave us for bread pudding....made with cinnamon rolls....and an ocean of cream and butter.

*side note* I wish Nora would hurry and DO something so I'd have an ocean of cream and butter!

I liked her cookbook - what I saw when I flipped through it anyway.  I just didn't like the price...$40! It goes for a good cause - to support an orphanage in the Ukraine....just not a part of my budget right now...but I'll probably dream about the picture of those orange rolls...

I must confess though that I probably won't run out and try her rolls.  I just can't believe that anything from the frozen food section is going to taste better than homemade yeast rolls fresh from my oven.

I've invited all of the ladies to my house for a potluck.  I think I'll make my home made garlic knots, covered with melted butter, freshly minced garlic and freshly shredded Parmesan cheese.....and if Nora cooperates - maybe that bread pudding for dessert!

Still blushing here...



  1. I have not heard of her either, and I would have asked the same thing. LOL


  2. You're my kind of girl!

  3. I didn't know who she was either! But it sure sounds like it was a fun day with friends!

  4. Guess I'm out of it too - never heard of her! Oh well!


  5. Ditto for me. I've never heard of her either. I do what Food Network and such. I'll have to Google her.


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