Thursday, September 8, 2005

Fluffy wheat bread

This is strictly a "recipe" post...just a warning :) Several people have requested my recipe for wheat you go....(the applesauce cookie recipe will be another day) This recipe makes 4 loaves. I use a DLX Assistant to mix and knead the bread but I have a friend that uses my recipe with a Kitchen Aid. You might have to let it knead a bit longer...just experiment. I grind the wheat just before mixing. I use a mix of Prairie Gold and Bronze Chief. I probably use 9 cups of Prairie Gold and 3 cups of Bronze Chief berries. I grind them together. I usually need to grind at least two batches of berries to make 8 loaves. 6 cups of hot water 3 tblsp. yeast (heaping) 1 1/3 tablespoons of salt (I use Real Salt...a mineral salt or sea salt) 2/3 cup oil 2/3 cup honey (use the same cup you measured the oil into and the honey will slide right out) 12 tablespoons of gluten 16+ cups of flour. Put water in bowl of mixer and add yeast. Let proof for 5 min. (It is really important to wait the full 5 min.) Add salt, oil, honey and gluten. Add 12 cups of flour and mix on low for 2 min. or until thoroughly mixed. Turn the speed up to medium while gradually adding only enough flour to clean the sides of the bowl (I find it almost always takes 16 cups and quite often a little more) Let knead for 8 minutes. Remove from mixer and form into 4 even loaves. Place in well greased bread pans (I use Crisco in stainless steel pans) Let rise (takes about 1/2 hour on my dryer...I cover it with cheesecloth while raising). Bake at 350 for 30 min. You will have to experiment with baking times since all ovens are a little different. The original recipe called for 25 minutes but mine was always a little "wet" in the middle and would begin to ferment. I turn right around and make another batch while this one is rising. I bake every Monday morning. We eat the first loaf for lunch on Monday with fresh fruit and cheese. My boys manage to eat a loaf almost every day. We take one loaf to a widow in our church who loves homemade bread but can't make it anymore. Don't be discouraged. It took me years to get a recipe to make light fluffy bread. This one works really well and should only need a little tweaking. The key for me was to add 3 tablespoons of gluten per loaf of bread that the recipe made. The original recipe called for 3 tblsp. gluten period....when I read about the 3 per loaf and upped the gluten I had wonderful bread! I also used to cheat on the knead time....not any more. It requires the full time. You might enjoy the breadbeckers site ....lots of info on bread and other things. Happy Baking!


  1. I bake my own bread, as well, and it just makes your house smell so..."home-y". I am familiar with Prairie Gold wheat, I have used it before, though I more often use Montana 76. However, I am not familiar with Bronze Chief. What kind of wheat is that?

    Actually, I most often just use Hard red wheat from the co-op. I just recently found the BreadBeckers site, it's very interesting. I also enjoy The Urban Homemaker site.


  2. Thanks for the bread recipe. I've been looking for something to make in bulk on Monday mornings for the whole week and this will most definitely fit the bill.

    Also, I hadn't thought about adding gluten to my whole wheat breads, but they have been very flat. Thanks for the tip, I will definitely try that with our regular recipe sometime.

  3. Gwen and Mothersong...You are both very welcome! Bronze Chief is a hard red spring wheat. I too like the Urban Homemaker. May you both bake wonderful, fluffy bread :)

  4. I like the bread that summer's over it's time for Mrs. Jersey Homesteader to start baking again...YUM!

  5. Hi Cheri,

    I just came across this post while searching for a wheat bread recipe on the net. I tried it today and my family ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT!!! Now I see why your boys can eat a loaf at lunch~~~YUMMY! Thanks for sharing it.


  6. Patrice,
    So glad your family enjoyed it. It is easy, tasty and delicious! You are most welcome....I was glad to share it :)



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