Thursday, April 3, 2008

Shipping woes...

My website is having some *issues*...hhmmmm.  Evidently shipping costs have gone up 300%....NOT TRUE!

The "powers that be" have recently added USPS shipping rates to my site....I was excited!  I have asked for this for a long time.  However the next order I received, after this addition, showed up with extremely high shipping rates!  I haven't figured out what exactly is going on but just wanted  you all to know that before you keel over with sticker shock...I am refunding anything over the actual cost of shipping until this glitch gets fixed....of course *they* say they are working on it....

Thanks for your patience!



  1. Thank you for answering my question before I even asked it!

    I was looking at ordering a few things the other day, but when I saw that shipping was practically as much as the order, I decided I had better check with you before ordering anything. [that was after recovering from the "sticker shock" :-) ]

    I have enjoyed reading of you and your boy's adventures--I think I'm even caught up on all of the archives :-) Perhaps this summer Mom and I can make time to go through your Herb Course together. Right now though I'm kinda anxious to try out some of your products...

    When I order the items, should I just select the parcel post shipping option (which ever is the cheapest one--roughly $17 for the order the other day--and get a refund from you), or is there an easier way for you to do it? (I am assuming that Media Mail, Bound Printed Mater, Library Mail and First-Class Mail Parcel, won't work for this application)

    Thank you again,

    Matthew (PotterVilla Academy blog)

  2. Hello,

    Having worked with a web developer, I can sympathize. It seems to me that shipping modules are some of the most finicky parts of a website. Hope *they* can get it fixed soon!

    BTW, got to remember those pesky http:// 's.

    (PotterVilla Academy)

  3. Thanks! I was wondering about this. The postage was supposedly going to cost more than the order - yikes!


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