Thursday, July 1, 2010

Catching up... .

Hello?....Hello? Is this thing on?  Is anyone still here?

I'm sorry I've been's been a busy few weeks - one child had minor surgery (well, he probably didn't think it was minor!) with some complications but he is well on the mend now.  If you ever want to re-visit your grown child's toddler years, just have them anesthetized for a short time..truly a trip down memory lane!  It's just a bit harder to deal with when they're six feet tall!

I've had my future daughter-in-law spend several days with me and enjoyed her all to myself for an afternoon.  It's been fun to listen to her and my son plan their wedding and the thousand details that go into it.  I got a sneak peek at "THE gown" and it is lovely and has been a fun and exciting time for my family. Our families will be getting together soon (we've never met!) to finalize some plans and get to know each other - we're all looking forward to that time.

And, my Doodlebug ended up in the ER this week - after scaring his mama half to death.  I was in a store, talking with a friend, when Elijah had a little "episode" that sent us running for the Emergency Room but even in this my Father was there!  There were two friends in this store who were able to offer help, a nurse "just happened" to be there who was also able to help and a very kind store manager that allowed us to occupy some floor space and commandeer a floor fan for a bit.  I continue to learn, from my ever patient Father, that it truly is ALL good even when it arrives in a very nasty package.

We were blessed with two wonderful doctors - one of which reminded me of my favorite pediatrician.  They were kind, gentle and comforting.  They were very patient and answered all of this mama's questions. For a young man who has never really been sick, he experienced every medical test known to man I think - fascinating and frightening for him at the same time.

He is home and under close observation for the next week or so - if you think of him - please pray for him - he is having a bit of a difficult time right now.

The canning season is here and I have re-introduced myself to my canners.  I do this about the same time every year.  It is a true love/hate relationship.  I love what my canners do - help me provide wonderful food for my family through the cold winter months.  But, helping my canners do what needs to be done is a hot and tiring job that seems to be never ending once it starts.  No wonder I love the fall! Early tomorrow I'll be putting up dilly beans and plenty of green beans for winter meals.  I hope to have them all done by Saturday night.

The apples and peaches are filling out nicely, we've enjoyed some blueberries from our new bushes and even a few raspberries...yuuuuummmm.  The tomato plants are loaded as are the peppers, squash and cukes.  This year our garden has been full and lush - better than it's looked in years!  The flowers seem to have more color, the melons are thick on the vine and the new potatoes are almost ready as are the peanuts!

I'm working on some classes for July and August but right now, everything is on hold until I learn more about what's happening with Elijah and what his needs will be.  I'll keep you informed as soon as I schedule them.  I have been working on a few new ones that will be fun to experience through the winter months! More on that soon :)



  1. Oh my - I'm sorry to hear about Elijah - I hope that everything's okay. I will be praying for him and you too. Let me know if you all need anything...

  2. hellllooo, i must have missed a couple of blogs. future daughter in law. to whom? LOL. i too will pray for my personal farmgirl instructor! i want to order some soaps so i'll go on other site. thank you for your blogs!

  3. Hi Beth,
    Thanks so much - lots of prayer needed right now.

  4. Hi Kay!
    MY future Daughter- in-law! Exciting isn't it?


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