Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's Early But It's Here....Fall!

The windows are open and the lace curtains blow gently in the breeze!  Fall is here!  It's my favorite time of year.  I am thankful for everything about Fall...the blue of the sky, the crisp mornings and warm afternoons, the cool nights..the way the air smells...it's all good! I can't wait for our first bonfire!

This weather doesn't usually hit until the end of September here but we've been enjoying it since Labor Day!  I've only seen one draw back this year.  My boys are dragging their feet a bit when it comes to school.  Normally at this time, it's still hot out and they are glad to be in the cool of the house for school.  This year, the weather is so beautiful that they hate to be indoors.  Good thing we take some time to review...you might pray for rain next week so they'll be ready when they really have to hit the books!

The talk is that the east coast is in for a hard winter. Early with lots of snow they say.  I believe there are signs - fall is early, the nut harvest is heavy this year, birds are migrating earlier - makes you stop and think.  The boys have baling hay on the agenda very shortly - preparations have to be taken not just for our family but for the animals in our care.

I had a very short moment of empty nest syndrome last week.  My oldest boy and his fiance found a lovely little place to rent - we all pitched in (even my Mom!) and spent Labor Day laboring for them.  Because Amanda is on the other side of North Carolina and couldn't be here, Mom and I did a bit of cleaning at their new home so after the wedding she could come home to a sparkling clean kitchen and bath!  It was a great day - beautiful weather, lovely home and it always blesses me to see my boys working together to help each other.  Three generations pitching in - what a blessing!

When I say it was a short moment I wasn't kidding.  Jeremy was so excited about having his own room (and not having to haul his drums up and down the stairs for worship all the time) that even after spending most of the day moving furniture and working hard he came home, wiped down the walls and painted his new room!  He went to town the next day, rented a steam cleaner, and cleaned the carpet. In a little over 24 hours his new room was cleaned, painted and ready to be occupied and he began moving his own furniture.  I think he had moved in before I realized that his brother had moved out!

I'm excited for Josh and Amanda...the wedding is getting closer and I love hearing about each new plan as it is finalized.  I've gotten to spend some time talking with her Mom - and what a sweet lady!  We are looking forward to a short stay on a lake with Amanda's family before the wedding.  What a blessing they have been to us!  My brother is flying up from Florida and will be helping around the farm right up to the wedding and we've hired someone to stay here and care for the farm for the last little bit.

It won't be long before I begin cooking for the rehearsal dinner - and I am still canning!  We're still getting fresh melons from the garden,  plenty of peppers and a few tomatoes! The potatoes are wonderful and the peanuts are almost ready!  I can't wait to make our own peanut butter!  I've been drying herbs for winter and dehydrating veggies.  My pantry shelves are lined with jars full of wonderful veggies and fruit, my freezer is filled with meat we have raised (and some we've even butchered!) ourselves.  What a blessing to be able to raise so much of our own food.  Each year we try to add something else - we are  slowly becoming more self-sufficient.

Between teaching school, canning, church life, boys activities and the preparations for the wedding, I'm pooped!  But I love it!  These are all very sweet and precious times - and soon I will add a daughter to my life!  I stand amazed at how blessed I am! My Father is so faithful and shows His care for me daily.

I've been doing a bit of writing for the last year or so and will soon be sharing news about a new book with you! (Note to SB in AZ - I've finally done it!)  I've had some requests for help in learning this apparently "lost art" - I'm sure you'll be surprised. I know I was when I started getting requests for help in this area!  I thought everybody did this but I found out that I was very wrong. I've taught it locally to young women and the feedback has been good.  This has helped them with something they struggled with every day.  I'm finishing it up and then it will go to my editor (that's my Mom!) for corrections and suggestions.  I'll also be sending it to this dear friend, for her thoughts and suggestions.  You'll hear all about it after that!



  1. I'm so excited about the fall as well! It's been absolutely beautiful. I heard that we were supposed to have a warm winter, but I'm very glad to hear from you that it may not be so. The bugs have been terrible this year.

    Hope your week is going well! Love much~

  2. Today was our first day of real fall weather! This evening it was 75 on the porch and a cool breeze. All the windows are open. It feels wonderful!

    Just finished putting in the fall/winter garden. I didn't have a summer garden as I redid all the raised beds. I'm praying for a bountiful crop!

    I am also on the lookout for a Jersey cow. I want my own raw milk and butter. Butter at the store was almost $3. Don't understand why it's so expensive.



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