Thursday, September 30, 2010

Before the Wedding

What a marvelous vacation!  How often can you take a vacation and see a child married at the same time? Here's a quick peek at our time leading up to the wedding. We had a lovely two story apartment overlooking these views....

We walked around the lake, visited the waterfall, walked the wooden bridge and sat on the stone porch and enjoyed the views while we sipped tea and rocked in the rockers.  It was glorious!  What a relaxing time.  The boys got to know their new family members during several games of football along the shore of the lake.

We could even see the chapel where the wedding was going to take place!

Isn't it lovely? Wait till you see the inside!

Then it was time to get busy!  It was the day before the wedding - there were cakes to decorate, a rehearsal dinner to prepare and a wedding to rehearse!

Join me next time for more pictures of this special time for my family.


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