Monday, September 20, 2010

Mothra's Baby

Last night the door opened and in stepped Doodle while I was kneading some dough. He asked for a jar (not usually a good sign..) and I turned around. He was holding some kind of creature with HUGE wings moving a 100 miles a my. kitchen.

"Take that thing back outside!" This phrase is repeated in my house as often as "No, you may not keep it!"

One of his brothers took him a jar and he happily returned to show me this...

Notice that once it goes to his room it is no longer caged, it becomes an invited guest allowed to roam freely around his room.  Remind me never to go in his room unescorted.  I am sure this creature is related to Mothra. His dog promptly hid under his bed.

"I peeked ahead in my science book and found..."Insects of the Field and Pond"!

"Why did I decide to teach you Earth Science this year?"

"Can I keep it till then?"

"No, you may not keep it till March!"

*Making note to myself to edit future units*

I think I'm going to hate Earth Science - what's going to happen when we study  ~shudder~  reptiles....

It has become his new BFF.  He may be teaching it tricks.

It is huge.  It is NOT cute. He informs me that if I could let him have a little molasses and if we could buy some "Stale Beer", he could catch a lot of these.

I decided not to educate him about "brands" of beer.

I also decided to hide the molasses.

I am fresh out of molasses.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.



  1. At least it is a moth. Think Butterfly and it may not bother you so bad. Reptiles are NOT good and other types of bugs and spiders are NOT good. :)

  2. oh dear. reason #498,032 that God did NOT bless me with boys. I'm QUITE sure that neither of my girls will EVER consider touching one of, huge things!!! Ick.

  3. Cheri,

    Oh, my goodness. We may have only lived in the country for a couple of months so far, but my dear son has come in with all kinds of critters. You did not warn me about this . . .

    By the way, why did I want a pond on our property? It seems to attract all sorts of hopping, slithering, crawling, and flying beasts. What was I thinking?

  4. Wow, Cheri, it looks a lot like an owl! Brave to take the photos. Fat-bodied insects are not my favorite.

    Diane N.

    (PS - We're getting chickens next week & we LOVE being on a farm!)

  5. Marci,
    No matter how hard I try...this is not a butterfly - by the way - we have a ton of those too - an aquarium full of monarchs in various stages...sigh...


  6. Christy,
    I may need your girls to explain things to my boys - so that they understand these are NOT cool...these things are ICK!

    Anyone for a tea party? Raise your hands!!

  7. Rebecca,
    Boy, you've been on my heart this last week! Did I forget to talk about this...only because I was trying to lure your family here! Ponds are's for all those wonderful milk cows you are going to have one day :)
    Missing all of you!

  8. Diane,
    I must confess - I did NOT take those photos - what are you thinking woman?!! I would actually have to get close to that thing!

    Doodle did the picture taking....he thinks it's cute....
    where have I failed?



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