Monday, February 28, 2011

His Endless Gifts....

In this time of imposed quiet, I have been blessed to slow and see Him more.  To see is to give thanks and worship,  to worship Him with thankfulness. This accident has given me time...time to create....time to work on "work" (so hard for a busy mama to do) time to catch up on quiet projects and in this time...I see the healing process begin....

Counting in the quiet...

#506 - #522

Time has allowed the swelling to settle down - it is almost gone! 

Time has allowed the bruising to begin to fade....

Time to organize new recipes...all done!

 Time to create many new recipes...

Time to sort seeds for spring planting and sharing with friends

Time to finish garden planning

Time to begin putting a wee bit of weight on my foot using these - slow but sure!

Time to work on my website and to add new things!

Time to savor the joy of a son playing worship for our community before a local  ballet performance..

Time to work on planting schedule for  greenhouse 

Time for school classes and study

Time for family and friends.....

Time to finally listen to that teaching tape(s)!

Time to start a new study I've been longing to get to!

Time to read Ann's book! So moving.....

Time to pray more fervently for family and friends.

Time to listen to Him speak quietly to my heart.

Won't you quiet with me and worship the King with gratitude?  He is your source, He is your healer, He is your provider...He never fails...He never forsakes....

He leaves me breathless.....


  1. So lovely!!

    I am happy to see your foot is improving.

    I am now following along with you on your gratitude journey!

  2. We missed you yesterday - down time can be good though... Can't wait to try some of your new recipes and lip balms! I need to make an order...

    Glad to see your foot is improving! I hope it heals quickly and you're back on it soon (but don't rush it!) Enjoy the imposed rest... :o)

  3. I’m here from Ann’s this morning.

    And I heart how you are bringing good out of bad. It’s a very “God” thing to do – to thank him for the good and the bad – and use the bad for good.

    And if I have to pick just one from your list, I pick: Time to read Ann's book! So moving.....(how could I not choose this one – it is a special gift that book. No?)

    These words made me smile.

    God Bless you and all of yours

  4. happy you are along for the journey!

    Beth, Wait till you try my lip balm inspired by creamsicles :)

    Craig, Hello again! Thank you for the kind blessed today!

  5. Your foot looks terrible...your soap looks good...I bet your lip balm smells delicious!

    Christ is Risen! Truly He is Risen!

  6. Time is truly a gift! Betting the soap smells good. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Visiting from Ann's...Wow...thank you for sharing your view of things...I love "Time to listen to Him speak quietly to my heart." What a blessing when you are open to hear.

  8. Time!!! Sometimes I think I waste so much of it on things I "thought" were important, but when I list them, I see priorities are all messed up. Your thoughtful list today made me want to take more time for those things which really count -- the thankful heart! Thank you so much for this reminder to listen. It was good for me to have been here today!

  9. wonderful list! Time itself is such a blessing. Time lends itself to us actually noticing all the gifts in our life. So glad you are able to see the gifts that came as a result of time... which was the result of an accident. You are blessed. :)



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