Monday, March 7, 2011

His Endless Gifts....

In this time of imposed quiet, I have been blessed to slow and see Him more.  To see is to give thanks and worship. The quiet has become a blessing!

Counting in the quiet...

#523 - #545

the land all covered in white...again!

young men preaching at church

fervent prayers...they avail much

birthday celebrations

boys turning into men capture it all

spring buds on trees


February thunderstorms

a greenhouse waiting for me

baskets of love

early morning light

windows open

March snowflakes - large and lazy

wool coats

home made bread

warm gloves

old pictures

glasses filled with ice water

ice cream cakes

men praying 


knitting needles

Won't you quiet with me and worship the King?  May we count blessings together? He is your source, He is your healer, He is your provider...He never fails...He never forsakes....

He leaves me breathless.....


  1. Beautiful list. I love large lazy snowflakes. Nothing like homemade bread! The buds are so pretty... though they seem to be covered by those snowflakes this morning. :)

  2. i clicked over from ann's today, and so glad i did. i'm a tn girl at heart just moved back from the wild flats of texas. and i'm mama to 3 wee boys with one more to come this spring. so my heart kind of swells at young men becoming men and praying and i hope.....
    and bread and knitting and spring flowers.... yes, i count all of these as well!!!

  3. Hello Jennifer - so glad you came by. The snow was unexpected and beautiful! Can't wait to see what you cover the blocks with :)

  4. Hi Misty,
    Welcome from one TN mama of 4 boys to another :)
    Never loose hope :)
    Love counting with you!

  5. I’m here from Ann’s again today.

    My favorite one, men praying (you are right on this one – sadly so right. Women can gather together and pray – and cry out – we men we find it harder to really pray in public – and as a man – I’ll admit that you women know the heart so much better than we do – and prayer is all about heart. So yay for the men who try – who pray)

    This was terrific. Thank you

    God Bless and keep you and all of yours.

  6. I'm with Craig on this one! Men praying, young men preaching. . . .!!!! I'm just so thankful for the men in my church who pray and the young men that my pastor has mentored and are now preaching. I get chills just thinking about it! Such a wonderful list! Thank you!

  7. I am a little late in getting to read some of the thankfulness shared ... thanks for sharing as it is great we can come together and share our thankfulness and our many blessings ...GOD is aweome

    I am live in the great state of Tn too !!!


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