Friday, May 20, 2011

Catching up!

Wow, it's been a busy week.  Josiah's surgery went well.  We had a few complications when we got home and ended up in the ER that night for bleeding that wouldn't stop. But, all is well now and he is recovering nicely.

Before his surgery, we had the pleasure of seeing two friends graduate from high school.  They had been home schooled all their lives.  As I listened to their parents speak it was very bitter sweet.  Time flies so quickly...are we making the most of it?

Josiah has one more year of high school and the time I enjoy teaching him will be over.  Elijah begins his eighth grade studies next year. Such a short amount of time left with my boys.  Although I am looking forward to that new season for each of my sons, gone will be the hours we get to spend together...bitter sweet.  It was a good reminder to make the most of it.

We've been busy moving plants from the greenhouse to the garden. Potatoes are growing, peas and pole beans are climbing the trellis, the cukes look great, bush beans and squash are blooming and we're harvesting lots of greens and strawberries. The garden looks wonderful and I'm perusing my canning books looking for new ideas.  I want to greatly increase the amount of food I preserve this year.  It starts next week with jams and jelly's.  My canner will be busy off and on until fall. I'm going to attempt some new things this year - canning meats, soups, stews, potatoes and more.

A sweet friend came to be a "slave for a day"...her words not mine!  We enjoyed fellowshipping while we worked in my herb border - it's weeded, covered with wet newspaper and the mulch goes down this weekend.  I've already started picking and drying herbs for winter.

I had a call yesterday and am excited that someone special just received an unexpected leave and will be visiting from Germany!

I have family coming in July and again in September!

The boys are looking forward to a barn dance this weekend with's a beautiful barn!  It will be a lovely evening spent with good friends!

Life is good, we're happy and we are blessed by our loving Father who provides for us, protects us, loves us passionately...we who are so unlovable!

May your weekend be a blessed one!

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