Thursday, May 5, 2011


It feels like winter has arrived again! Yesterday I wore my heavy coat to the greenhouse to work and even the greenhouse was a bit nippy. Probably because we put the shade cloth on last week because it was so hot.

I wore my wool coat to town for church.The smell of woodsmoke was in the air and it felt like late November.

Last night they called for a frost in our area.There is an old saying that the date of your last thunderstorm in February, will be the date of your last frost in April. We had a thunderstorm February 28th. Our frost is a few days late but pretty close.

I'm off to uncover the squash, pole beans, bush beans, and zucchinni.  I figured the lettuce, peas, potatoes and cukes should be ok.  We closed the greenhouse early yesterday afternoon so it could accumulate some heat.  Hopefully that provided enough protection.

Last night at church, a friend told me that her Grandpa use to put a marble in a jar every time there was a thunderstorm in February.  When April rolled around, he took a marble out of the jar each time there was a frost.  He always knew if there was another frost coming because there would still be a marble in the jar. He never planted anything tender in his garden until the jar was empty.

My friend said he was right every year.

I'll be raiding the marble tin next year.

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