Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Do you have a Green Thumb?

Then you might be interested in my new soap..

This is the ultimate bar for gardeners!  This soap is moisturizing..packed with aloe vera oil, jojoba oil and aloe vera leaf, this soap helps your hands endure frequent washing on garden days.  

I swirled a bit of sand into the soap for exfoliation - it really helps get the dirt! Tinted with ground organic sage leaves from my garden and scented lightly with sage essential oil this bar is a complete delight!

look forward to can endure the weeding knowing this is waiting at the end of the day! Although I created it especially for hand washing, I use it as a bath soap too - after a day in the garden it isn't just my hands that need washing!

Green Thumbs is wonderful to use on feet too...even if you've never walked in a garden! Think pedicure!


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