Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Soaps!

I've been behind in getting things on the website and I apologize to y'all for that. Today is my first normal day in a month and I'll be getting all of the new soaps and lip balms up a little each day from now on.

Here's my first, and most requested, soap...

This creamy soap is perfect for those of you who love the outdoors but hate those nasty insects that live there!

You can also grate this soap into hot water, melt it and then wash your clothes with it before leaving on a day's hike or a camping trip. Rub this soap across the brims of your hats to keep bugs out of your face!

Now, remember...this soap is not packed with Deet or other chemical pesticides...instead is it full of wonderful essential oils that have properties and scents that are repugnant to biting and stinging insects.

It lathers well and isn't drying to your skin - best of all it is all natural!

I'm setting dates now for the next soap making class here on the farm where you can learn to make a soap just like Bug OFF in your own kitchen! If you can't wait, or live to far away, please check out my book that teaches you step-by-step how to make soap in your own kitchen. You won't believe how simple it is! I'll be by your side for 30 days to answer questions and hold your hand as you make your first batches of soap.

There will be more items being added to the website this week - I'll give them all a mention here too!


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