Saturday, May 28, 2011

In an instant....

We had just spent the day working in the garden - all of the aisles were mulched, weeds were gone, plants had been taken from the greenhouse and planted in the garden.  The cukes were lush and blooming, we were tasting our first snow peas, there were little squashes and zucchini throughout those beds.  The peppers and potatoes were growing and the bush and pole beans were full and blooming.  We had been enjoying strawberries and lettuce everyday - it was by far the best looking garden we've ever had....

We were all cleaned up and looking forward to an evening of family time.

Then it happened...

The sky darkened, the wind began to blow and the rain fell. I remember thinking  "this will be wonderful for the plants we just put in the garden!"

Then I heard the wind pick up, the roar began....and the loud rattle....hail. BIG hail.

Lots. of. hail.

The drain pipes couldn't keep up with what fell on the roof!

I wonder if Faith thought she was being shot at again?
We found her shivering and shaking.

Our yard filled with hail.

Good thing these beds weren't ready for the tomatoes!
They are still safe in my greenhouse.

Our poor garden!

Our squash and zucchini took quite a hit.

Our straw aisles were filled with ice!

The cucumbers took the worst of it!

Our lettuce was shredded for us!
We harvested what we could right away.

 I think the onions will recover.

Before the storm had  completely passed, we were busy pulling the ice away from the plants!

It was a gentle reminder that we aren't in control of anything!  Weeks of work were undone in minutes.  We depend completely on our Father for our weather, our garden, our food supply!  We've repented of any pride we may have had, and we've replanted again in the greenhouse. 

We are thankful for His protection and provision.  We heard later that a tornado went through our area  (about 5 miles away!) and we caught the edge of the storm.  Our front doors will be repainted since they were hit hard by the hail. Our garden will be replanted....truthfully it was disappointing but not earth shattering.  Our family has helped with clean up from the tornadoes that went through our area weeks ago - my boys have seen first hand those families that lost everything.

This keeps us mindful of Who holds us in His hands. It reminds us to lean on Him for everything, to pray continually for all aspects of our life, and to be grateful for all He gives us each day.

Singing the hard hallelu-yah!

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  1. oh my!!!!! so disappointing to have your hard work trashed in mere seconds. glad you guys are safe!

    and, amen about the hard hallelujah....


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