Monday, May 16, 2011

His Endless Gifts....

Please pray today for Josiah.  He's undergoing oral surgery to remove 4 impacted wisdom teeth and two additional teeth. Wow! Six at once! It will be an uncomfortable few days for him to say the least.

I'm grateful today for the peace that I have...

#824 - #836

that He goes with us everywhere - even into surgery

pain medicine

caring doctors

brothers who take over

peace that passes all understanding


ice packs

soft foods for tender mouths

praise music

restful sleep

the lighthearted phone call from friends who are praying

a body who prays for my children

my elders - always there for us

We are learning to see His gfits as a continual love note that reminds us that He is always here.  He is faithful and He loves us passionately! Will you worship Him with gratitude by counting His gifts with me?  You will discover that He is your source.  He is your healer.  He is your provider.

He never fails...

He never forsakes...

He leaves me breathless....

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