Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Biggest Basket of all....

I'm just a bit busy right now...juggling life it seems.  It's canning time and instead of spending my time with y'all, I'm chopping pickles, picking beans, shredding zuchinni & squash, washing canning jars, trying some new lids I can't wait to tell you about, and hanging out with my canner.

Today, we have our family party for Siah's birthday.  It will be wonderful to have my whole family gathered around my table again.  I baked and decorated a cake yesterday.  Once everybody leaves, I'll be back at the stove canning again.

I just wanted to share some pictures with you. I had occasion recently to make the largest gift basket I've ever done....isn't it beautiful?

There are 16 bars of soap, 4 lip balms, a sack of salve, a large tube of Aches Away salve and a jar of Jewelweed salve!  

This basket will go up on my website as soon as I can leave the stove!
It will sell for $125

All of this bounty is contained in a very high quality wicker basket with wire supports in the bottom.
It's heavy!

This basket was created for a gentleman....don't you think it makes a lovely gift?

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