Friday, June 10, 2011

Is there a baby in the house?

If there is, or if you just need a very gentle, healing soap, let me tell you about one of my new soaps!

I'm very excited about this soap for babies - although you don't have to be a baby to use this soap!  It takes a wee bit longer to make because I infuse the oils with healing herbs.  I chose herbs that are known to be gentle and have healing properties that are beneficial for the skin.

I also filled Baby's Bath Bar with a healthy dose of Shea Butter to help moisturize and protect baby's skin.  I topped things off with Lavender essential oil because of its gentle and healing properties.

I've been wanting to create a soap for babies for some time, but not having a baby in the house kept it from being a priority.  But...with a son married last just never know when the need may occur!  sshhhhh.....I never said a word....they might think I'm nagging, pushing, looking forward to a grandbaby!

So if there is a baby in your house...or if you're just looking for a very mild, healing soap....visit my website to read more about Baby's Bath Bar!

While you are there, you might want to check out the home page for another hint of things to come!


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