Sunday, February 4, 2007

A recommendation and a request...

First the recommendation.  Brace yourself - this will rarely happen on this blog but I am going to recommend you purchase a movie. Since we do not have any source of television, cable or satellite viewing, I knew that we would not be seeing the Super Bowl - and truthfully - that didn't bother me a bit.  But, I do happen to be the only female in the home and the boys were disappointed - so, in best "Mom" fashion I attempted to create a special day today for them. 

My solution to not having the ability to see the Superbowl was to fix some special treats and to bring home a movie for us to watch together.  I picked a "football" movie called Facing the Giants.  Run, do not walk, to the nearest store and purchase this movie - don't bother to rent it - you will wish you had bought it before you are even 20 minutes into this movie.  Save the rental fee!  We cheered, we laughed and at least I will admit to shedding a lot of tears.  This movie is so honoring to God that I can't believe it was in movie theaters.  If this movie was shown on Sunday morning in churches across the country, it would bless and minister to many. This is an awesome movie about how God worked in the life of a high school coach and his football team once they were willing to lay down their lives and give their ALL to worship, obey and honor Him.  I have no idea how good the Superbowl was today but there is no way it could have competed with the last game in this movie.....and I don't even like football.  It is amazing what happens when God shows up on the field.  Let me know how you like it Laughing

Now for the request....when I began blogging, I used Blogger to host my site.  Many of my agrarian friends and readers were kind enough to add a link to my site when it was hosted on Blogger.  I recently changed to this new address to avoid a lot of the garbage that Blogger allowed.  I am very happy with my move.  My request is that if you were gracious enough to add my link to your site before, would you please update that link to reflect my new address which is   I am getting some emails from people that have tried to find me off of your old links, which sends them to Blogger and then they need to make their way over here. If those of you who have been so kind to link to me in the past would take just a minute and update my link on your page, I would be very grateful...and evidently so would many others!

Now, go enjoy that movie - and be sure to watch it with the whole family! 


  1. Cheri,
    Thanks for letting us know that the movie was so wonderful. I will purchase it soon. I will also have Michael update our site with your new address. We are one of the ones that haven't updated our links. Thanks for the reminder.

    grace and peace,

  2. Thanks Julie, let me know how you like the movie! Be sure to have tissues handy - you WILL cry :)

  3. I heard about this movie when it was in the theaters, but we didn't make it out to see it then. When I saw it in the store last week, I bought it and we watched it a few days later. I laughed and cried during the movie, but mostly I was convicted that I wasn't always trusting God or praising Him no matter what happens in my life.

    I heartily recommend this movie to everyone I talk to because it's that good!

    ~Karen in Ohio

  4. Hi Karen,
    I wish I had seen this in the theatre- I heard that people were standing and cheering - would have been a neat experience.

    Thanks for sharing!


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