Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My readers ask.....

In response to my post on Nettles, I have had several readers ask about treating asthma and eczema with nettles and other herbs...

Melissa left the following comment:
Hi Cheri,

Thank you for the information. My four year old has extreme eczema. How would you use the nettles and burdock. I would prefer something internal. It seems when I take care of the outside the toxins just build up on the inside. She is allergic to everything: eggs, peanuts, treenuts, milk, and more.

And I received the following in email from Carol:
I would love to get my little one off of steroid creams...can you give me some recommendations on treating Eczema naturally?

And Samantha writes:
My son (3 years old) suffers from Eczema and I would like to know more about treating it naturally. Is this possible? Can anything relieve the itching other than the steroid creams? Is diet a big factor? Thanks in advance for any help.

And Mitzi left this comment:
Hi my name is Mitzi and I have been reading your blog off and on for a few months now. I have so enjoyed your site as have many other women. I was reading your most recent post about nettle and wondered if you sold it in tea form as well.

We just recently moved to Houston, Tx from Dallas and my daughter has  some issues with asthma (every cold she gets turns into a wheezing tight cough). She is 4 and i would much rather give her tea than a steroid inhaler!! I would love to hear from you but totally understand how busy you are.

I will be praying for your sweet friends and am so encouraged by your faithful sons. We have two daughters and are raising them to be encouraging, supportive, Godly help-mates, seeking God for their significance. It is encouraging to know that their are Godly men seeking to spread God's Glory for their future (if it is the Lord's will!!) thank you

This is a sampling from my email since the post on Nettles. So...since interest is high, I am working on a LONG post on how you can treat eczema more naturally (and will touch on asthma!) will address internal, topical and dietary suggestions.

I just wanted you to know that I haven't been ignoring all of you and hope to have the post up this week.




  1. Thanks for researching and preparing a future post. I, too, am interested in your finds.

  2. Wonderful, Cheri! My little guy (18 m.) has been suffering from eczema for quite a few months now. We aren't sure what has caused it, and haven't taken him to the dr's yet. I will patiently be waiting for your post about this! Thanks! :D

  3. Hi, I have been reading you blog for sometime as well, who knows we may become neighbors. We are in NJ, but Tenn bound. To sum us up it would be Green Acres! My youngest has extreme eczema. She started showing signs at 5 months old. She is our great niece that we adopted. I am sure all the smoking did not help her in the womb. Anyway, it is very trying she is suffering. I have tried it all and more. I recently used a topical all natural with willow bark. No success. I will be waiting to hear your thoughts as well. Thanks so much!


  4. Paula and Michelle,
    Hope you enjoy the results!

  5. Hi Maryanne,
    Neat - hope to see you here in TN! I hope the post on eczema gives you some new ideas to try. I often find that topical things need to be treated internally!


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