Saturday, November 6, 2010

In my house...

I live with three man-boys.  Let's just admit that up front - it explains a lot.

There are always rocks in my dryer....or bugs...or pinecones...I've learned to open the dryer door cautiously on the boys' laundry days.  Elijah thought it very cool yesterday that a live beetle crawled out of his brother's clothes in the dryer. Cool because it "survived the ride". *Hhhmmmp*

My washer also is a depository for a variety of things found in nature and on just never know.

I don't empty pockets anymore - the boys all do their own laundry now - but there were many days of reaching in pockets to find live critters, worms or other gross and nasty things that little boys think are cool. Yuck!

I'm always careful in Elijah's room - he's my "never know what to expect" child.  His room is filled with finds from nature. Friends collect things and bring them to Elijah or paint beautiful bird nests and bring the pictures to Elijah.  Occasionally he keeps giant moths in his room...

However,  I thought my kitchen was safe.  I mean after the worm bin left....

I was doing dishes and felt something odd when I got to the bottom of the stack. When I pulled the plug this is what I found...

Do I even want to know?


  1. This post had me chuckling... When my brother and sister-in-law had their first child (a boy), he told me that once he was cleaning out his pockets and found a rock, a stick, some string, a plastic toy, and half a cookie. :o) You just never know...

    Thanks for the links. :o)

  2. Look at it this way, you are obviously succeeding in teaching your sons to clean up after themselves and to care for their valuable tools :)

    It does make one wonder, however. Just exactly what was the knife last used for that it was so dirty as to justify a good washing as opposed to the usual wiping upon the leg of one's pants.

    I can relate :)


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