Saturday, August 17, 2013

Eggs anyone?

As you can see we are BLESSED with eggs! Some look white in this picture but they are all brown eggs.  We have someone laying speckled eggs, and another laying an egg with "stripes".  We also have a "stealth" ninja chicken...her eggs are HUGE!

The egg on the bottom is actually a large brown egg - the larger one - always a double yolker!  We aren't sure which hen has this ability but she is faithful - never misses a day.  In fact, I don't think any of our ladies ever miss.

So...I have eggs...and more eggs...and more eggs!  We have given them away, taken them to the local soup kitchen and still there are eggs!  (thinking about the ring and run thing....ring.leave

Elijah is the chicken farmer. The girls know him - they know he brings food - they follow him like puppy dogs follow their master. 

Elijah is saving for a car and he is hoping the ladies help him get there.  He is selling his eggs locally for $3.00 a dozen. (No, Julie, I will not mail you eggs!) If you want wonderful farm eggs from healthy hens that have the run of 45 acres daily, you need to email Elijah or call the farm and reserve your eggs.  He will deliver them to church, in town or feel free if you are headed this way to call and make a time to stop by.

The ladies will be happy, Elijah will be happy and perhaps I can have that shelf in my refrigerator back....



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